Who is the newly crowned Miss France for 2024?

Miss France 2024 is Eve Gille of Nord Pas-de-Calais

Miss France Indira Ampiot is 19 years of age and hails from Basse-Terre. She beat 29 other contestants representing various French regions and departments to become the fourth woman from Guadeloupe to win the national crown. Her maternal grandfather is of Indian origin, his first name means “beauty” in Sanskrit. She also has Breton and Guadeloupean origins and she will represent France on the 73rd Edition Miss Universe 2024 beauty pageant in Mexico.

She was crowned as Miss France 2023 in a spectacular event in Châteauroux, Centre-Val de Loire, France. Also at the finale, Perrine Prunier of Normandy won the General Culture award and Good Manners award, Marine Paulais won the Best Regional Costume, Camille Sedira of Alsace won Miss Congeniality, Bérénice Legendre of Picardy was awarded Miss Photogenic, Axelle René won the Miss Catwalk award, Marion Navarro of Franche-Comte won Eloquence award, Florence Demortier was awarded Stylist award, Herenui Tuheiava of Tahiti was awarded Adventurer award and Lara Lebretton of Burgundy was awarded Elegance award.

Miss France 2023 Crowning Ceremony

What is Indria Ampiot’s education background?

In 2022, she received a Baccalauréat degree with honors. She is passionate about drawing and theater. She has not started her higher education but she wants to join a communications school with the aim of specializing in visual advertising communication and design.

“My mother participated in the Miss Guadeloupe election in 1998 and finished first runner-up. She kept all the memories of this adventure, the video tapes, the photos and the scarf. Growing up, I wanted to be like her. When I was 13, I was spotted by the Miss Be-Terre committee who told me: “In five years, you come to participate in the election”. And that’s what I did ! I registered at 17, I won the scarf and I continued with Miss Guadeloupe. I like to challenge myself, surp myself and get out of my comfort zone and what better than a competition for that?

What is Indira Ampiot’s advocacy?

“Helping women with cancer regain their self-confidence” Indira Ampiot is ambassador of the Amazones Guadeloupe association, which helps women suffering from cancer. If I am elected Miss France, I would like to help women with cancer regain their self-confidence. I am the godmother of the ociation The Amazons Guadeloupe which raises awareness for this cause and raises funds.

This means a lot to me because my grandmother suffered from five cancers and sadly ped away this year. She was a very flirtatious woman, who couldn’t leave the house without putting on make-up, combing her hair, primping herself. During her period of illness, we helped her, with my mother, to regain her self-confidence, by doing her make-up every morning and taking her to the beautician. I know it gave him hope.

Profile of Miss France 2023 Indira Ampiot

Age: 19 (Born on September 19, 2004)
Height: 177cm 5 feet 9 inches
Education: Holder of the baccalaureate and soon to be a communication license student.
Titleholder: Miss France 2023 and Miss Guadeloupe 2023

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