Exclusive Insights into Mister Supranational 2023

The 7th edition of the Mister Supranational 2023 will be held on 15 July 2023 in Poland. Mister Supranational is one of the biggest male pageants and every year they continue to improve their standard. Last year’s winner Mister Supranational 2022 Luis Daniel Gálvez of Cuba will crown his successor. As of 9 May 2023, we have 27 delegates confirmed to compete in the upcoming international pageant. Here are my personal favorites for Miss Supranational 2023 who have a strong chance to become the winner.

Mister Supranational Canada Luis Portelles
Age: 28 Height: 183cm (6’0″) Montreal

Mister Supranational Canada Luis Portelles is a famous Canadian Cuban pageant content creator mostly known for his live reaction and commentary of different pageants. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and Organizational Communication from the University of Montreal. He is currently working in Financial Institution as a Resource Officer. Luis has been working on his project called Extraordinary Talks where he invites influential figures in the pageant industry and lets them share their stories.

His biggest goal is to inspire his audience and provide them with the knowledge that his guests have acquired through their experiences. Due to his background in Mass Communication and experience as a pageant commentator on social media, he is confident in his speech and how to deliver a heartfelt message to the public. I can see Luis as one of the best speakers of this batch as he already has so much knowledge about the pageantry world and he can utilize it in this competition. He has a huge online presence and support from many people, especially Filipino fans on his journey to Mister Supranational.


Mister Supranational Indonesia Dr. Adib Dwitamma
Age: 24 Height: 177cm (5’10”) Palembang

Mister Supranational Indonesia 2023  Dr. Adib Dwitamma, a medical doctor from South Sumatra. He obtained his medical degree and a Master’s Degree in Public Health at the age of 24. He created his non-profit platform called MIRACLEUKIMIA. It aims to create awareness about cancer and also support cancer survivors. He aspires to be a professor in the medical field and dedicate his knowledge and power to medical development and research, especially on Non-Communicable Diseases. He has raised funds for cleft lip surgeries through music charity concerts and he has been very active in his social work. Even though he is one of the younger delegates in this year’s contest, I admire he is using his medical experience to help many underprivileged people who are unable to receive quality medical care.


Mister Supranational Panama Mario Bianco
Age: 28 Height: 188cm (6’2″) Chiriquí

Mister Supranational Panama Mario Bianco is 28 years old. Mario holds a degree in Marketing majoring in Graphic Design. He also holds a post-graduate degree in Senior Management. He is currently working for a digital application creation company. Mario is currently building his social project to help different animal welfare foundations in his hometown. He also supports a foundation that spreads awareness about HIV prevention as well as education about HIV. His cute boy-next-door quality makes him charming to the general public. I can see him place in the final event as he is handsome, captivating, and has been involved in many social projects.


Mister Supranational South Korea Lee Yong Woo
Age: 32 Height: 184cm (6’0″) Seoul

Mister Supranational South Korea Lee Yong Woo is 32 years old model and gym lover. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from one of the best universities in Korea and he has served in the air force of his country. YongWoo is also a licensed pilot and he is a qualified teacher. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports, going to art exhibitions, and doing community work. YongWoo has been involved in many charitable activities, raising money for veterans. He also supports an organization that provides coal services to households in need of coal. Mister Korea is a handsome pilot with an incredible masculine body and his experience in the air force has mentally and physically prepared him to compete at Mister Supranational. I am excited to him perform on the international stage as South Korea is becoming one of the rising countries in the male pageant industry.


Mister Supranational Philippines Johannes Rissler
Age: 24 Height: 188cm (6’2″) Davao Del Norte

Mister Supranational Philippines Johannes is a Filipino actor, model, and singer. He has acted in TV dramas like Ben X Jim, Gen Z, and B X J Forever. He also performed during Miss Universe Philippines 2022 National Costume competition. His love for singing has helped him to express his real emotions and aspires to inspire other men to not be afraid to share their feelings. I admire how brave he is as in Asian society, men are always told to hide their real emotions and man up. I appreciate that Johannes is advocating through his love for music and being a good role other for other men. His tall height of 6 feet 2 inches tall, good stage presence, smooth voice, and communication skills will help him stand out at the international pageant. As he is part of the Empire Studios company, he will get the best of the best training sessions before he goes to Poland for the international contest.


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Mister Supranational Belgium Ben Steyaert
Age: 26 Height: 189cm (6’2.5″)  Brussels

Mister Supranational Belgium Ben Steyaert is 26 years old and from Brussels. Ben was crowned as Mister Supranational Belgium last December. He is currently working as an enterprise marketer. Ben used to struggle with low self-esteem due to acne, and being very thin, and this led to a lack of self-confidence which stayed long after his teenage years. The experience of Mister Supranational Belgium helped him to build confidence and self-love. This adventure guided him to embrace his unique qualities and to see his imperfections as part of what makes him beautiful as a person. Ben is passionate about advocating for important causes, such as mental health, and he believes that his Mister Supranational Belgium title can give him the visibility and resources to make a real difference. He describes himself as someone who is always looking for opportunities to enhance his skills and grow both personally and professionally. I think he has good social skills as he works in marketing and enjoys meeting new people, and he can help bring positive change to the world. I love his story and many people can relate to him as many of us have gone through the teenage stage when we had acne and felt insecure in our skin. Ben has a relevant project to embrace our imperfections.


Mister Supranational Czech Republic Jakub Vitek
Age: 29 Height: 188cm (6’2″) Bratislava

Mister Supranational Czech Republic Jakub Vitek is 29 years old. He is an experienced QA Engineer and IT industry Lead who is always learning and striving to improve his knowledge of new technologies and trends in information technology. He has been a great team member to companies and enjoys working well with others to help achieve his company’s goals. Currently, he has transformed himself into a successful leader and mentor to junior QA Engineers, helping them become better at their jobs. Jakub’s dedication to learning and leadership has made him an asset to any team. He found purpose and direction in life through triathlons and co-founded a team with like-minded individuals. The team became his second family and it helps to keep him focused and fight depression and anxiety. His CSI project has made a positive impact on the lives of others, especially kids and families from underprivileged backgrounds. He is grateful for the opportunity to be part of it and hopes his story inspires others to start their initiatives. He has a great physique as he is committed to sports and living a healthy life. I like his positive mindset of keep following his dream and also helping people through his passion.


Mister Supranational Thailand Topz Nathanon Narathayawirun
Age: 29 Height: 187cm (6’2″) Nakhon Si Thammarat

Mister Supranational Thailand 2023 Topz Nathanon Narathayawirun. He studied Major in Japan at Thaksin University. Born and bred in Songkla in Nakhon Si Thammarat located in Southern Thailand. Standing at the towering height of 187cm 6 feet 2 inches tall, he is proud of his Southern Thai culture and tradition displayed during his presentation on the audition day. Topz has great knowledge and information about Songkla and Southern Thai hospitality. He aims to promote his hometown and local products to a global audience through Mister Supranational stage and bring international attention to Thai products. His attractive physique has helped him win several special awards at the national pageant including Mister Supra Factor, Thai Night, and Mister Supra Authentic Influencer by Chat. Topz has a natural and authentic personality, he is an approachable, compassionate, good speaker with great drive. I can see Mister Thailand placing in the Top 5 because he is dedicated through his advocacy about promoting local products to the international market.


Mister Supranational Brazil Henrique Martins
Age: 31 Height: 180cm (5’11”) São Paulo

Mister Supranational Brazil Henrique Martins is 31 years old and from São Paulo, Brazil. Standing at a height of 180cm (5 feet 11 inches) tall. Mister Supranational Brazil Henrique will represent Brazil at the Mister Supranational 2023 pageant in Poland. He is a professional swimmer who represented Brazil at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and finished 6th place in the Men’s 4 × 100-meter medley relay, and 21st in the Men’s 100-meter butterfly. Henrique won many gold medals during the 2014 World Championships (SC) in Doha, Qatar, and a silver medal in the 4×100-meter freestyle relay at the 2011 Summer World University Games in Shenzhen, China. His swimming background has taught him the importance of perseverance, endurance, and good sportsmanship. Henrique gave a spectacular performance in the national final event, earning the judges’ hearts and winning the main title. As he is an athlete with many years of experience to prepare not only physically but also mentally to be ready for any contest. I believe Brazil has sent a strong contender this year as he has a positive attitude going into the competition.


Mister Supranational Spain Ivan Alvarez
Age: 29 Height: 197cm (6’5″) Pontevedra

Mister Supranational Spain Ivan Alvarez is 29 years old. He is the winner of the Mister RNB España Supranational 2023 national final. He is a qualified Industrial Engineer in the automotive industry and describes himself as a goal-orientated person who constantly tries to set new targets once he achieves his goals. His future ambition is to start his own company in the automotive industry sector. He is not only an attractive man but he is also very active regarding his social project. Ivan started his Ground Up project to support Cancer Awareness and he has been working hard by participating in a series of events in association with an NGO focused on this topic. I admire his dedication to helping other people and it shows humanity through his actions. The highest placement for Spain was Alejandro who placed 1st Runner-Up at Mister Supranational 2017. I can Mister Mister Supranational Spain Ivan place in the Top 5 finalists or even win the main title as he is qualified for this position through his actions and choices.

These are my Top 10 favorites for Mister Supranational 2023. Let me know down below who are your personal favorites in the comment section. You can support me on Patreon so, I can make more articles like this for you guys. Like and share this video on your social media as it will help me with Facebook algorithms. Thank you for reading this article and supporting our website Pageant Empress.


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