Cambodia’s Leav Veng Hour triumph Mister Friendship International 2023

Mister Friendship International 2023 is Cambodia's Leav Veng Hour
Mister Friendship International 2023 is Cambodia's Leav Veng Hour
Mister Friendship International 2023 Cambodia’s Leav Veng Hour

The 3rd Edition of Mister Friendship International 2023 was held on 13 December 2023 in Khon Kaen, Thailand. Leav Veng Hour of Cambodia was crowned as Mister Friendship International 2023 by last year’s winner Byeong Eun Yoo from Korea. Leav Veng Hour was also awarded Best in Swimsuit special award before the final event.

The Top 5 finalists included delegates from Taiwan, Indonesia, India, and Czech Republic. Numerous activities include city tours, fundraising for charity, photoshoot, participating in International Silk Festival, swimsuit competitions, national costume competitions, and talent competitions.

Mister Friendship International is an international male pageant contest that promotes worldwide culture, global harmony, and international friendship across different nations. It celebrates diversity and inclusivity. The organization is based in Thailand and was founded by Joe Kampol in 2021.

Final Results:
Winner: Leav Veng Hour – Cambodia
1st Runner-Up: Sky – Taiwan
2nd Runner-Up: Justin Stephen – Indonesia
3rd Runner-Up: Daksh Chaudhary – India
4th Runner-Up: Jan Černohorský – Czech Republic

5th Runner-Up:
Han Lin – China
Jun Hyeok Ko – Korea
Kaung Sitt – Myanmar
Marko Črnila – Thailand
Trung Nguyen – Vietnam

Special Awards:
Best Swimsuit: Leav Veng Hour – Cambodia
Chat Influencer: Kaung Sitt – Myanmar
Best National Costume: Sky – Taiwan
1st Runner-Up: Vince Drexsil Tudtud – Philippines
2nd Runner-Up: Trung Nguyen – Vietnam
Mister Congeniality: Marko Črnila – Thailand
Best Personality: Trung Nguyen – Vietnam
Best Model: Natnael Mirco – Ethiopia
Best Physique: Jun Hyeok Ko – Korea
Mr Popular: Vaughn Miller – Jamaica
Bounyong Panyala – Laos
Leav Veng Hour – Cambodia
Kaung Sitt – Myanmar
Marko Črnila – Thailand
Voshan Aubeeluck – Mauritius
Best Talent: Kaung Sitt – Myanmar
Best Skin: Justin Stephen – Indonesia

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