Popular model Tia Tavee will crowned Miss Grand Phuke 2023

Popular model Tia Tavee will represent Phuket in Miss Grand Thailand 2023

Miss Grand Phuket 2023 is Tia Li Taveepanichpan (@tiatavee), is 26-year-old, standing at the height of 170 cm tall. She shined during the province pageant with her raident and positively. Hence, Tia will represent island of Phuket at Miss Grand Thailand 2023 to be held in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, Thailand in this 29 April 2023. She is Thai-Chinese-South African actress and model who was born in United States then grew up in Phuket, Thailand. She had previously participated in Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2, The Face Thailand 2 and The Face Thailand 3. Therefore her acting in the famous Thai drama Thida Satan made her popular among Thai public.

The grand coronation night of Miss Grand Phuket 2023 was held on 27 January 2023 at Miss Bowmee Award Winner Saphan Hin Stadium, Phuket Island. Tia was crowned with The Spirit of Andaman Crown by Heidi Amanda Jensen 1st Runner-up Miss Grand Thailand 2022 and Miss Grand Phuket 2022. Tia competed against 18 other delegates for the title of Miss Grand Phuket 2023. She won five sub-titles including Best Portrait by Yayee, Best Walk by Lavysh, Miss Bowme Award, Miss Charming Girl and Popular Vote Award.

Miss Grand Phuket 2023: Tia Li Taveepanichpan
1st Runner-up: Mook Karnruethai Tassabut
2nd Runner-up: Mint Laphatthida Khongkraphan
3rd Runner-up: Erin Piyatida Sengluang
4th Runner-up: Min Worawalunch Phutklang
Top 11 Semi-Finalsits
Miss Popular Vote – 7. Tia Li Taveepanichpan
5. Min Woravalan
4. Erin Piyatida
3. Lily Warisara
18. Mint Lapatthida
10. Yanisa Ging
17. Film Chayuda
13. Mook Karnruethai
15. Nan Sirinthip
14. Biabua
9. Wimol Noppibul
Sub-title Winners
Miss Smart Lady – 13. Mook Karnruethai
Best Portrait by Yayee – 7. Tia Li Taveepanichpan
Best on Social Media by Yayee – 5. Min Woravalan
Best Walk by Lavysh – 7. Tia Li Taveepanichpan
Best in Evening Gown by Artisgo – 5. Min Woravalan
Miss Bowme Award – 7. Tia Li Taveepanichpan
Miss Confident Girl by Ralabelle – 10. Yanisa Ging
Miss Charming Girl – 7. Tia Li Taveepanichpan
Miss Popular Vote Award – 7. Tia Li Taveepanichpan
Best in Swimsuit – 18. Mint Lapatthida
Best Smile by June Latex – 18. Mint Lapatthida
Darling of Phuket – 18. Mint Lapatthida
From the identity of Phuket people A symbol of national strength, traditional fishermen and life-giving boats undeniably reflects the culture of this island. The most valuable part is the prow where it is believed that Mae Yanang is there to protect the fishermen. Combined with “Hong” or “Phoenix”, a symbol that represents the sweetness, grace and honor of Phuket women until becoming “The Spirit of Andaman” was created with the ancient techniques of goldsmiths by using hand stamping and carving patterns with new innovative designs. with dimensional beauty Add outstanding elegance with “Pearl” from “Farm Amorn Phuket Pearl” that represents the symbol of purity, softness and sweetness of Phuket women. On the gold tone body that represents good fortune, wealth and success according to the belief of the Hokkien Chinese people. Combined to form the “Pearl Crown” of the spirit of precious beauty from “Amorn Phuket Pearl” to celebrate the golden year of Miss Grand Phuket. Phuket Pearl “Phuket Pearl” @phuketpearl_official
The Spirit of Andaman, the crown of the Miss Grand Phuket pageant
Designed and manufactured by Phuket Pearl “Phuket Pearl”
Photographed by Monglong Studio.
Makeup by BOBO Studio Bobo Studio
Hair styling by HELLO SALON
Evening dresses from Chirapa Boutique

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