Get to know Miss Universe Thailand 2024 Early Favorites

Exploring the Early Favorites for Miss Universe Thailand 2024

The excitement is palpable as Thailand gears up for the highly anticipated Miss Universe Thailand 2024 pageant. With the competition set to showcase the country’s most talented and stunning women, fans and enthusiasts. They are already placing their bets on the early favorites who could potentially take home the coveted crown.

Natalia Wannes Phukthong – MUT Prachuap Khiri Khan

One name that stands out among the early favorites is the charismatic and poised Natalia Wannes Phukthong. Hailing from Prachuap Khiri Khan, Natalia (29) has captured the hearts of many with her radiant smile and stage presence. With a background in modeling and a genuine passion for philanthropy. She has been making waves not only for her beauty but also for her commitment to making a positive impact on society. Supporters admire her dedication to various charitable causes, which adds depth to her candidacy.

Born in Bangkok to Swedish father and Thai mother. Natalia has spend her childhood in Sweden and completed her higher education from Bangkok. A pageant veteran who has participated in two beauty pageants prior to Miss Universe Thailand 2024. She was 2nd Runner Up in Miss Fabulous International 2022 and 2nd Runner-up in Miss Supranational Thailand 2023.

Praewwanich Ruangthong

Another frontrunner in the race is the enchanting Praewwanich “Praew” Ruangthong. This statuesque beauty from Chumphon possesses a unique blend of elegance and grace that sets her apart. Her journey to the Miss Universe Thailand stage has been nothing short of inspiring, overcoming personal challenges and using her experiences to empower others. Her advocacy for mental health awareness has resonated with many, earning her a strong following leading up to the competition. She was first runner-up at the Miss Supranational 2022 in Poland.

Opal Suchata

She is 19 years old beauty from Bangkok. Standing at the towering height of 180cm tall. Opal finished as 2nd Runner-up at Miss Universe Thailand 2022. She recently posted on her Instagram, Opal had a chance to visit the children at Ban Pong On School, Mae Hong Son Province. Together with the NGO, her goal is to provide good quality education to the children in remote part of Thailand.

Veena Praveenar Singh

Veena Praveenar Singh Thakral is 27 has been active in social work for many years through her advocacy called “Be An Ally, Not A Bully” project, which works towards fighting against bullying in school. She was severely bullied in high school due to her weight and not fitting into the beauty standard imposed by society. Then she had placed 2nd Runner-up in Miss Universe Thailand 2023.

In the mix of early favorites is the dynamic and multi-talented Veena Praveenar Singh Thakral. Hailing from Chiang Mai, Veena brings a fresh perspective to the pageant with her background in the social work and humanitarian projects. A successful actress and model, Lita has the ability to captivate audiences with her charisma and stage presence. Her versatility and passion for using her platform to inspire young women make her a standout contender for the title.

Her journey to the Miss Universe Thailand stage is a testament to her resilience and commitment to pursuing her dreams. With a captivating personality and a heart for social causes, Veena has become a favorite among those eagerly awaiting the crowning moment.

Kirana Jasmine Chewter

25 years old, Neurodiversity is a framework for understanding human brain function and mental illness. It argues that diversity in human cognition is normal and that some conditions classified as mental disorders are differences and disabilities that are not necessarily pathological. Jasmine has worked to empower children in the Autism spectrum. 1st Runner-up Miss Universe Thailand 2023

It’s not just about beauty; Miss Universe Thailand 2024 will require intelligence, eloquence, and a genuine passion for making a difference. Navigating the rigorous competition demands more than just a pretty face, and these early favorites are proving that they have the substance to match their undeniable charm.

Thailand has a rich history of success in international pageants, and the bar is set high for the representatives who carry the nation’s hopes on the global stage. As the pageant unfolds, fans can expect fierce competition, breathtaking performances, and moments that will be etched in the memories of viewers worldwide.

While the final outcome is uncertain, one thing is for sure – Miss Universe Thailand 2024 is shaping up to be a showcase of Thailand’s finest women, each bringing their unique charm, intelligence, and commitment to making a positive impact on the world. As the countdown begins, fans are eagerly awaiting to witness who will emerge as the next queen to carry the title and represent Thailand with grace and elegance on the international stage. The journey to the crown promises to be a thrilling one, and the early favorites are ready to shine.

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