Road to Miss Grand International 2022

Date: October 25, 2022

 Location: Sentul International Convention Center, West Java province, Indonesia

Previous Winner: Nguyễn Thúc Thùy Tiên from Vietnam

Winner: Isabella Menin from Brazil

Number of Delegate: 68 (25 October 2022)

Official Delegates

Here are the delegates who are confirmed to compete at the 10th Edition of Miss Grand International 2022.

Teresa Sara
Camila Barraza
Amber Sidney

Miss Grand Angola is Teresa Sara, age 25, a businesswoman, employer, law graduate, philanthropist, and social volunteer. I am happy to work and do what I wanted from a young age, especially working as a social Volunteer, and I feel privileged to represent the young women of the Republic of Angola at Miss Grand International 2022.

Miss Grand Argentina - Camila Barraza, I also love sports, especially volleyball and boxing. I have sweet tooth, I love to cook sweets and cakes. I love spending time with my pets they are always there when I need good energy. Because of work, I live far away from my family and that led me to be a more social person and have friends all over the world, that’s why I’m looking forward to meeting all the contestants from each country at the competition.

Miss Grand Australia, Amber Sidney has been involved in pageantry for the last 7 years and is very passionate about what they stand for. She has been a huge fan of Miss Grand International for many years and is humbled to be joining the class of 2022 on the 10th year anniversary special. Amber is passionate about giving back to others and making a difference, she has used pageantry as a platform to make a difference in the lives of many people and hopes to continue to work alongside Miss Grand International to inspire others.
Towhida Tusnim Tifa
Marina Viazankova
Chiara Vanderveeren

Miss Grand Bangladesh Towhida Tasnim tifa. I am 24 years old LLB graduate. And in person I like to be simple. I start my day with positivity and try to be productive. I love to learn new skills and am eager to experience new challenges. I love myself and I am proud of myself who I became today. I try to be a better person than who I was yesterday. And of course I believe contributing and caring for others that’s what makes you a great queen.

Miss Grand Belarus, I am 28 years old. I am responsive, kind, and cheerful. I can empathize and sympathize with others, I am always ready to help, I like giving smiles and bringing joy. I always achieve my goals, discover new pinnacles and reach their heights. I graduated from Southern Federal University, majoring in applied computer science in economics. I have been in the modeling business since I was 18 years old. I participate in the photo and video shoots and shows. I worked in China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Europe.

Miss Grand Belgium - Alyssa Gilliaert
Camila Sanabria
Isabella Menin
Pich Votey Saravody

Miss Grand Bolivia Camila Sanabria represented Santa Cruz at the national beauty contest. She graduated with a license in Business Administration and a Master’s in Direct Marketing and Commercial Management. Camila is 24 years of age, a fashion model and actress in Bolivia.

Miss Grand Brazil Isabella Menin has a passion for experiencing different cultures. I never say no when asked to try typical dishes from different countries. I am a foodie. You can actually follow my food Instagram at @reveltaste to see that I am telling the truth! I absolutely love Indonesian Satay. Which other Indonesian dish do you guys recommend to me?

Miss Grand Cambodia Pich Votey Saravody hails comes from Sihanouk and stands at a height of 177cm 5 feet 9 inches tall. Pich is an actress and a professional model, fluent in four languages including Khmer, Thai, English, and Mandarin Chinese. She believes that beauty pageants are a prestigious platform to encourage and empowered to be on stage and represent their country on the international stage.

Mildred Rincon
Karina Perez Gres
Shirley Yu

Miss Grand Canada Mildred Rincon represented Alberta at the national contest of Miss World Alberta 2022, she was crowned the winner of Miss Grand Canada 2022. She has established an international model with an outstanding stage presence and commanding communication skills.

Miss Grand Chile My name is Karina Elizabeth Perez Gres, I am 24 years old, I am from Chile of Arab descent.I consider myself a passionate and altruistic woman, everything I do is with passion and dedication, I love to help without expecting anything in return.I love promoting healthy living, self-care, and self-love.I currently work as a professional model in photography, commercials and catwalks.

Miss Grand China Shirley was born in Shanghai, raised in Vancouver. Coming from a multicultural background she advocates for cultural inclusivity, breaking stereotypes, and making the impossible possible. Shirley is a model, graphic designer, English teacher, and nail technician. She is also a dancer who enjoys Chinese dances as it is a way to honor her heritage.

Priscilla Londoño
Costa Rica
Brenda Muñoz

Miss Grand Colombia is Priscilla Londoño and I am your MG Colombia 2022. I am currently 28years old and I am elated to represent my country for the 10th anniversary of MGI! I am ready to express myself as I perform on this platform in just a few weeks!

Miss Grand Congo - Congo

Miss Grand Costa Rica - Brenda Muñoz. Her background is in Chemical Engineering, acting, animation, and modeling student. Brenda has many years of pageantry experience, Miss Continentes Unidos 2013, Miss Intercontinental 2013 (Top 15), Reina Internacional del Café 2014 (Top 5), Miss Earth Costa Rica 2014 (Winner), Miss Tourism Queen of the Year 2015, Hispano-American Queen 2015, Miss Pacific and Caribbean 2015 (Winner) and Miss Universe Costa Rica 2019 (Viceroy), Latin American Universal Costa Rica 2020 (Designated).
Yulia Pavlikova
Fabien Laurence
Kanisha Sluis

Miss Grand Crimea Yulia Pavlikova is a Russian model and pageant queen, an advocate for animal rights through the Fund for the Protection of Animals. At the moment, she resides in Moscow with a Doctorate in Economics. Yulia has an impressive background with over 15 different titleholders. It makes her ready to compete on Big International platforms like Miss Grand International.

Miss Grand Cuba - Daniela Espinosa

Miss Grand Curacao Kanisha Sluis is 26 years of age and is currently a student of Speech Therapy at the university. A pageant veteran, Kanisha had competed at the Miss Universe 2015, where she finished in the Top 10 and placed 8th overall. Her previous international experience gives her the edge and confidence to perform well at the upcoming Miss Grand International.

Czech Republic
Mariana Bečková
Victoria Kjaer Theilvig
Dominican Republic
Jearmanda Ramos

Miss Grand Czech Republic - Mariana Beckova. She is currently finishing her Master's Degree in Child Development psychology as my main goal in life is to help children to overcome trauma to grow up into strong happy individuals. I want to focus on helping children because I believe that every child should have a fair chance in life. I want to build schools all around the world, so more and more children have access to education. That is my biggest passion and one day I want to have a foundation that builds schools.  

Miss Grand Denmark - Victoria Kjaer Theilvig

Miss Grand Dominican Republic - Jearmanda Ramos. I am 25 years old. I consider myself a person with very defined values ​​and a defender of human rights from an early age. I have always loved discussing political issues in addition to contributing to the growth and development of tourism in my country. For this reason, I dedicate myself completely to the roots of tourist areas in my country and For the growth of my country i think the education is the key. Since 2015 I have started with a personal and charitable project, with the purpose of educating orphaned children in different areas such as mental health, teamwork, oral health, women’s health, among others. I love being in constant personal and professional growth and every step I take I take into account that it will be a great learning experience.

Lisseth Naranjo
El Salvador
Noor Mohamed
Lucie Carbone

Miss Grand Ecuador is Lisseth but people call me “Lichi”. I come from a family of banana exporters that has taught me to be independent since my childhood, and now, I have my own Brand of skincare called LISTOLOGY. Beauty fascinates me, and that’s why I’m an expert in nails, makeup and hairstyle.

Miss Grand El Salvador Noor Mohamed is 21 years old and stands at 171cm 5 feet 7 inches tall. Fluent English speaker, she comes from a multi cultural family as she has Salvadoran, American, and Indian ancestry. Noor has previously won the crown of Miss Teen World USA 2018.

Miss Grand France Lucie Carbone, 24 years old and I’m Miss Grand France 2022. I was born and raised in Nice in the famous French Riviera. I recently graduated with a Msc in International business and a Master’s in Strategic management. I love creating all kinds of things from drawings to sewing and expressing myself through theater.
Kim Kelly Braun
Zahara-Imani Bossman
Andrea Radford

Miss Grand Germany 2022 Kelly Braun. I am half German and half Thai. Animalfriend. Currently an acting student. Three languages are Thai, German, and English. Dancer. Active listening. Problem-solving skills. Management skills. Creativity. Can cook thai kitchen/german kitchen/italian kitchen. Good in lip sync.

Miss Grand Ghana is Zahara-Imani Bossman- Pinkrah and I am a 21 year old graduate with a masters degree in Brands and communications management from the University of Professional Studies, Accra.I am a firm believer in education, purpose, and self empowerment. This is why I seek to better myself each time and also inspire young people like me to believe in themselves and to reach for their purpose and goals in life.

Miss Grand Guatemala Andrea Radford I’m 27 years old, I work as a lawyer and as a professional model and I speak Spanish and English languages. Being able to share a message and to become the change that the world needs working hand in hand with an organization and being the pioneers of the true change using all of our tools such as our brain and our voice.

Paul Anne Estima
Saira Cacho
Hong Kong
Chan Mei To

Miss Grand Haiti - Paul Anne Estima

Miss Grand Honduras Saira Cacho is Garifuna woman, 5th year medical student, ex gymnast, and ballet, jazz, modern and contemporary dancer. Her passion for dance encouraged her to get a certificate as a dance teacher and use this tool for volunteering in different organizations involving art, health, sports and children such as Child Fund, FunLuvi and Moving Cultures.

Miss Grand Hong Hong Chan Mei To. I am a PHD student with a major in women’s history at the University of Hong Kong. I am also a writer and have published 8 novels. Rather than publishing my own stories, I am a TV host in Phoenix TV and an artist focus on acting and advertisement.

Praachi Nagpal
Andina Julie
Peace Olaniyi

Miss Grand India - Praachi Nagpal has completed her graduation from NIFT( National institute of Fashion Technology)- where she specialised in celebrity and fashion styling after her course in fashion communication. She graduated with the prestigious most innovative graduation project award and now she is pursuing her MBA in luxury management from IFA Paris. Praachi got into modelling and into pageants at the age of 18 and has tried and worked for 7 years to finally become a miss india. As a type 1 diabetic, praachi didn’t let her disability bring her down to achieve what she set her heart at and has infact has been working with the WHO as an advocate to bring awareness in India about type 1 diabetes. It was her never give up attitude and self belief that pushed her through in life because she believes that the limit does not exist!

Miss Grand Indonesia Andina Julie – Miss Grand Indonesia 2022 , and I can’t wait to welcome you to my beautiful country,the wonderful Indonesia. Miss Grand International is my first pageant but it will not stop me as a girl from small village that can achieve high placement in international competition.

Miss Grand Ireland - Peace Olaniyi from Dublin, Ireland. I am 28 years old with a degree in BSc Honours in Architectural Technology. I am currently a project manager with 6 years of construction experience. During my spare time, I teach hip hop dancing to young people.

Miriam Malerba
Kim-Marie Spence
Seira Inoue

Miss Grand Italy - Miriam Malerba

Miss Grand Jamaica I am Kim-Marie Spence.. I come from a lineage of strong women empowered by the traditions passed down from each generation to the next.I am an Author, Fashion Designer and an Assistant Construction Project Manager. My dream is to positively impact the lives of children, teenagers and women across my community by the work that I continue to do through my foundation, Find Her Voice.

Miss Grand Japan Seira Inoue I am a kindergarten teacher at the International Nursery school. To be a professional educator, I’ve taken 5 licenses and studied English. As the leader of early childhood education, I would like to build the school to let children have more opportunity to learn. I believe education changes people and makes the world better.

Ekaterina Agapova
Juyeon Lee
Edona Aliu

Miss Grand Kazakhstan - Ekaterina Agapova

Miss Grand Korea Juyeon I’m a person who constantly looks for what I want to do. If it’s something I want to do, I don’t give up and try. It’s okay to fail and not be good enough.Someday I’ll cheer up and shine like a star. I want to live my life dreaming.

Miss Grand Kosovo - Edona Aliu

Jamilya Jyrgalbekova
Phoutsavanh Vongkhamxao
Charissa Chong

Miss Grand Kyrgyzstan - Jamilya Jyrgalbekova

Miss Grand Laso Dina Phoutsavanh Vongkhamxao. It is my honor to represent Laos People’s Democratic Republic and Laos’s Women in Miss Grand International 2022. Miss Grand Korea Juyeon I’m a person who constantly looks for what I want to do. If it’s something I want to do, I don’t give up and try. It’s okay to fail and not be good enough.Someday I’ll cheer up and shine like a star. I want to live my life dreaming.

Miss Grand Malaysia - Charissa Chong is a mass communication graduate and has built her career as a fitness coach, host, model and content creator, having worked with multiple prestigious brands in the entertainment industry today.
Yuvna Rinishta
Laysha Salazar
Elena Egorova

Miss Grand Mauritius - Yuvna Rinishta. Bonzour, sawas-dee kha and selamat pagi. Hailing from the island of Mauritius, I am Yuvna Gookool, a 22-year old student who is currently pursuing my LLB Law Hons degree at the University of Middlesex Mauritius. As the youngest of 3 children, I was raised by my mother who’s strength always taught me to dare to dream bigger. I grew up with the belief that a person is capable of achieving what he/she has always dreamed of by showcasing hardwork. Mastering the mind before taming the body, I became conscious of the importance of being confidently beautiful no matter one’s position, background or appearance. Giving modeling as a hobby a go aided me to embrace more of my femininity. Subsequently I participated in the pageant on a humanitarian aspect combined with my passion for modeling. Having a vision for an empowered and educated society, the vision of my NGO caters for the education of underprivileged children as from grass root level. A sanitary pad factory was also implemented, among many other projects as part of a women empowerment and awareness project. Merging this aim with my trait of being determined and my fondness for modeling, Miss Grand International is the ultimate pageant for me to assert that being a beauty with a brain was never a myth.

Miss Grand Mexico - Laysha Salazar. She is 20 years old and currently studying business administration, I consider myself a strong and brave woman, afraid of nothing, a dreamer girl so dedicated to my dreams and goals. She is a woman who loves to be an agent of change for the world with small big actions, I am part of the Un día especial Fonsi foundation, in which we help people who are going through cancer treatment, giving them a home where they can reach rest, eat, receive psychological help, and spend a pleasant time with your family if that is the case, I am an activist and huge lover of animals. Miss Grand Mexico, is a woman with a voice and a hunger to change the world with the power of the Miss Grand family.

Miss Grand Mongolia - Elena Egorova
Suema Abdul Rachid
Kansuda Chanakiri
Aishworya Shrestha

Miss Grand Mozambique Suema Abdul Rachid. Iam 25 years old, 1.70m tall, Iam from Cabo Delgado Province, Montepuez District, Mozambique. I grew up in a poor but strong family that helped me in my studies. I am a professional model with catwalk experience, and have a degree in Human Resources Management,Besides my mother tongue “Portuguese”, I speak fluent Thai and intermediate English.I am currently working for FURA Moçambique Lda, and I also work as a volunteer with friends,where we donate food and clothes for war refugees affected by the terrorist attack in my province (Cabo Delgado) – Mozambique.

Miss Grand Myanmar Ei Ei Aung Htun I am half Burmese, Thai and Karen. I am studying at Chiang Mai Rajabhat University and learning the Thai Dance Education. I want to be a model for children. And I want many people to see my efforts that never hurt anyone. Because I believe that the Miss Grand stage can change my life and I love Miss Grand like my family.

Miss Grand Nepal - Aishworya Shrestha 25-year-old social worker. I have been professionally involved in the area of social science for the past 6 years; voluntarily, it has been around a decade. I have a master’s degree in social work with my thesis on the experiences of GBV of women and girls in my area. I have formerly volunteered as a wheelchair basketball coach, adult literacy trainer for women and girls in the adult entertainment sector (AES), as a school social worker, and researched the best practices for mental health and psychosocial wellbeing. I also researched social aspects in multiple parts of my country. I have advocated for inclusive data in conferences, organized numerous training and events, and led multiple projects for using technology for humanitarian causes. I am currently working as the Project Manger of a leading non-profit civic tech organization. I also am the co-founder of a non-profit for mental health and psychosocial wellbeing. So far, we have organized free psychosocial counseling and awareness campaigns in more than 5 districts of Nepal. This year I was also selected as a council member of the highly selective USYC, where only 55 youths out of thousands of applications are chosen from across the country to contribute to their civic engagement projects.
Marit Beets
Maycrin Jáenz
Damilola Bolarinde

Miss Grand Netherlands - Marit Beets and proudly representing my beautiful country The Netherlands. I would like to tell you a little more about myself. I’am a 22-year-old-girl from a small fishingtown called Volendam. I study Human Resource Management in Amsterdam and I’m working as a Sourcing Consultant. In my freetime I’d like to spend time with my friends and family and I love to workout. A good thing to know about me is that you can wake me up for… Sushi and chocolate, I really love it. I also love to travel, especially when it comes to getting to know cultures from different countries. Two of the most memorable places I have visited are Tulum in Mexico and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and soon Bali and Jakarta! I truly cannot wait to travel to the beautiful Indonesia.

Miss Grand Nicaragua Maycrin Jaenz 23 years old, from Granada Nicaragua. Accounter and owner of: Aloe Vera skin care products exportations business. I speak Spanish/ English/ French.

Miss Grand Nigeria Damilola Bolarinde, I am an entrepreneur and I work as a professional commercial and fashion international model. Besides that I am presently working towards studying and having a degree in fashion. I am an actor, a fitness and fashion enthusiast. I describe myself as an energetic, determined, Goal oriented person and a spokesperson for positive change. I believe that one can never know the great power they behold within them until they begin to believe THEY DO. I love traveling, swimming, and spending time with friends and family. 
Aneesa Sheikh
Laura de Sanctis
Agatha Leon

Miss Grand Pakistan Aneesa Sheikh. I was raised in a household that meshed the dichotomy of the Pakistani and American cultures seamlessly. This contrast taught me the valuable lesson of how my beliefs may be challenged by others’ views and that compassion and respect are the tools to build the bridge between varying ways of life. Following the footsteps of my older sister as a competitive figure skater, which is where I grew fond of various music styles. Watching my older sister skate to a Carlos Santana medley inspired me to pick up the guitar at the age of eight. Since then, I have never sat it down. As the youngest, I often felt like my voice was drowned out by my older siblings and music was where I was heard. Expressing myself through lyrics allowed me to connect with others. I am proud that now as Miss Grand Pakistan, I am using my voice through music to inspire, educate, and empower individuals in medical rehabilitation centers, those at the brunt of environmental crisis, and females who have limited access to educational opportunities.

Miss Grand Panama is Laura Sofia de Sanctis, I am 26 years old. By profession ,I have a degree in social communications and I work as a Logistics Manager in a fish processing company, in charge of imports and exports . Founder of Madre Selva company, a company focused on working with salvaged wood, which itself works alongside Panamanian artisans. I am passionate about outdoor adventures (surfing/training) and animals; I have 3 cats that I have rescued.

Miss Grand Paraguay Agatha Leon
Janet Leyva
Roberta Tamondong
Natalia Gryglewska

Miss Grand Peru Janet Leyva

Miss Grand Philippines Roberta Tamondong is a 19 year old who started pageants at the age of 13, since then I advocate for the things that acquire us to speak from the heart and the mind and to be the voice of the voiceless. She has already won international title of Miss Teen Eco International 2020 which was held in Egypt.

Miss Grand Poland - Natalia Gryglewska. She is 24, works as a clinical dietitian, and will defend her master’s degree next year. I love learning foreign languages, I would like to speak fluently in three languages, travel around the world and start my own business.

Sabrina Gladio
Puerto Rico
Oxana Rivera
Ekaterina Astashenkova

Miss Grand Portugal - Sabrina Tavares Ribeiro. A 27-year-old and she studied 10 languages and speak 5 of them fluently and accent-free. She is a communication, tourism, social media marketing, and branding expert. I am a proud sanguine, butterflies, they are my personal brand's main element.

Miss Grand Puerto Rico is Oxana Rivera, I was born in Russia where I lived in an orphanage for 13 years with my twin brother until a Puerto Rican family adopted us. It was in Puerto Rico, living as an adoptee where I learned the meaning of unconditional love. I earned a degree in advertising and marketing communications from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. My work experiences include modeling and Marketing Manager for a retail company. Participating in beauty platforms allows me to combine my passion for fashion and working for purposeful change in the world.

Miss Grand Russia Ekaterina Astashenkova

Emilbiany Nenggal Intong
South Africa
LuJuan Mzyk
Hirisley Jimenez

Miss Grand Sinapore - Emilbiany Nenggal Intong is 24 years old, she stands at a height of 175cm 5 feet 9 inches tall. She works as a drama educator, actor, and model. I love what I do every day. I get to live a life of free expression and creativity. Working with children and performing brings me so much joy, as every day is a glorious adventure.

Miss Grand South Africa LuJuan Mzyk is 22 years old coming from Pretoria. A fashion model and the owner of SA All Star Models East Rand. Mzyk is looking forward to representing the rainbow nation of South Africa at the Miss Grand International 2022.

Miss Grand Spain Hirisley Jimenez. I am 20 years old and I am a child educator. I love working with children, being part of their growth, the seed of their knowledge, which we water day by day. I consider myself a strong, persistent person who fights for what he wants. I have a lot to give, so I hope you are there to receive it.
Sri Lanka
Nihari Perera
Engfa Waraha
Deria Koc

Miss Grand Sri Lanka Nihari Perera the title holder of Ms.Grand International Sri lanka By profession I am a professional model, an actress and also a professional basketball player who has represented Sri Lanka, during many occasions, I am also a student who is pursuing my bachelors in the field of business and technology at an Australian university.

Miss Grand Thailand Engfa Waraha was born in a small province in Uthai Thani, Thailand. She grew up in a musical family and my father is a musician and my mother is a local singer. Her love to sing since a child. Participated in a lot of singing contests except beauty pageants Because it is something that I don’t dare to dream about because of my insecurity in my appearance. Until I learned that effort and confidence was the most important thing. That gave me the courage to leave my safe zone.Today I represent Miss Grand Thailand. and presented Thailand in the Miss Grand International. I promise I will do the best for me and for the hopes of Thailand because that crown will be me.

Miss Grand Turkey Deria Koc studied health economics and I have my bachelor’s degree in it. I work as a refugee consultant. I am responsible for a lot of refugees from Ukraine and other countries.

Oliver Nakakande
Olga Vasyliv
United Kingdom
Sofia Mayers

Miss Grand Uganda 2022 Oliver Nakakande is a Girl-child rights advocate, humanitarian, speaker, and an active international fashion model from Uganda currently living and studying in Dubai, UAE. Oliver is passionate about empowering teenage mothers who have dropped out of school and is an advocate for second chances. Encouraging teenage mothers to return to school is one of her pet projects. Oliver works tirelessly to cultivate the power of education. She has reached out beyond her village of Wakiso to the rest of Uganda and abroad.

Miss Grand Ukraine - Olga Vasyliv is 22 years old, fitness coach, and model coach. She has been passionate about the sport since childhood, but always liked heels. To combine sport and heels. When my country started a war – I became more to pay attention to volunteering, especially for children. It is one more chance to show all people from another country – our Ukrainian power and beauty. Show another people our strength and human kindness. And show another women, that sport body and body with tattoos can be laconic and feminine. Because all women so different, but each of us have private great beauty.

Miss Grand United Kingdom Sofia Mayers. A dedicated 23 year old philanthropist and International activist. Specializing in fashion design and strategic business planning of marketing and sales. Dedication to charities and my advocacy “Untouchable”. Self development originating from pageantry allows me to stand for those who do not have a voice and to represent women of colour with naturally curly hair Internationally

United States
Emily Rose DeMure
Luiseth Materán
Đoàn Thiên Ân

Miss Grand United States of America Emily Rose DeMure is 24 year old graduate with honors from the University of Colorado where she achieved a degree in Sociology and Studio Arts. As a driven individual with a passion for learning she developed a media and marketing business where she remotely cultivates her business as CEO. Emily Rose DeMure has a passion and pride for beauty pageants that runs deep. Similar to the Olympics, beauty pageants are the only major events on the planet that bring women together from different countries in a celebratory fashion of cultures for a beautiful competition. There is nothing else other than the Olympics and International pageantry that does so. As someone who is physically fit, lovely to look at, and articulate, Emily Rose is that someone who knows she has a heart and mind to influence positive changes for others. It is her privilege to be encouraging people in peace and good mental health.

Miss Grand Venezuela Luiseth Materan, I am 26 years old. I am a journalist and actress. I consider myself a passionate woman, a dreamer, persistent with my goals and focused when I want to achieve something. I have had so many experiences, good and not so good, but all of them made me the person I am today. My greatest quality is persistence. I have always had a special desire to represent Venezuela on international platforms. In 2015 I won Miss Globe Venezuela, I was Miss Universe Venezuela 2021 last year and now I am Miss Grand Venezuela 2022, which has allowed me to be the voice and representative of my country in front of the world. I will continue doing what I love, proving that I am an ambitious and professional woman who has an exciting story to share.

Miss Grand Vietnam - Đoàn Thiên Ân is 22 years old beauty from Long An province. Currently, a student at the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City. Recently, she lost weight 15kg before the contest from 75kg to 60kg at the moment, to prepare for this competition which surprised the netizens due to her hard work and dedication. In just about 4 months, she lost 15kg in a short period.

Upcoming National Pageants

Miss Grand Vietnam - October 1, 2022

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