Meet the Candidates of Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2023

The audition process for the new edition of Miss Universe Puerto Rico (MUPR) has already finished. Now, the time has come to find out who is selected to join this select group of women who will have the opportunity to represent their municipality and, later, Puerto Rico. Today and tomorrow, people who have the WAPA TV mobile application will receive notifications with the names of the young women who passed the audition. All the people who have the application activated on their smartphones will find out at the same time as the selected ones. The franchise team is ready to receive them, guide them, and begin their preparation for MUPR 2023. After the selected ones decide to start their process as candidates, they will live experiences for their personal and professional development and growth. Once your preparation begins, you will receive support and tools from experts in different areas that you can apply in your life. The presentation of the official representatives who will participate in the 2023 contest will be made later. The winner will represent Puerto Rico at the 72nd Miss Universe 2023 pageant in El Salvador. Here we introduce you to the Top 38 candidates of Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2023:

Andrea Sofia Collazo Molina
He has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders. She would like to participate in Miss Universe Puerto Rico to show future generations that, with discipline and effort, you can be a woman of wise and caring character.

Angela Escalera Carrasquillo
He is a high school student in Sports Entrepreneurship. Among her professional goals is serving the elderly population. Create an environment in which they can feel full in the society we live in.

Camila Yari Molina Garcia
She is an actress and university student. She is interested in being a journalist, especially being a news anchor reporter and a TV host on entertainment shows. As a passionate writer, she wants to write an autobiographical book and movie scripts.

Carmen Angelica Figueroa Guzman
He is a master’s student in Digital Marketing. He is interested in venturing into the media, especially television. Identifies love and personal acceptance as keys to making a positive change in society.

Cecilia Acosta-Conley
She wants to continue her college career at veterinary school and found an organization that cares for the health and hygiene of abandoned animals. One of her pride is representing Puerto Rico in 2017 as part of the island’s national beach volleyball team in Hermosa Beach, California.

Celimar Rosario Caballero
He completed a bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences with, a concentration in Biology. I would like to pursue a doctorate in pharmacy. She believes that becoming a candidate for Miss Universe Puerto Rico will allow her to be a social messenger who can impact her country with intelligence, charisma, and love.

Cristina E. Tuesday Lugo
He completed his baccalaureate in Biotechnology and Chemistry, which he considers one of his achievements. She owns Cristina’s Nails. Bet that the woman can be beautiful, intelligent, and applied.

Daniela Arroyo Gonzalez
As a graduated Public Relations professional, she wants to create positive changes in communications. She longs to live in a less polarized society, where differences can be appreciated and embraced as something positive that unites instead of something that separates.

Devi Alfonso Daniels
He completed a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources and Labor Relations. As a member of the Club Cívico de Damas de Puerto Rico, you would like to create a free education program for young people who are homeless or with limited resources on how to conduct an efficient job interview, and look for interests that resemble their personalities, among other labor topics.

Fiorella Medina
She is a strategic business consultant and would like to develop her own holistic health company. As well as working with schools offering talks on how to develop healthy habits and find your power.

Gabriela Paola Santiago Ortiz
She works as an account executive in the automotive industry. She aspires to develop as a graduate fashion designer. She would like to create a 100% Puerto Rican brand that provides growth and development opportunities for young designers.

Gabriela Veguilla Cotto
She is a high school student in Fashion Design and aspires to complete her master’s degree in Fashion Marketing. She works on her brand as an artist, turning her art into pieces of clothing for daily use that highlight feminine sensuality.

Gina Lee Garcia
He completed a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. She is a content creator and professional model. He developed a social platform called “I have a sense” to serve as a motivational tool for those who need a word of affirmation and company.

Isabel Mariel’s Román Almeda
He completed a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in International Trade. Currently, she is a business administrator and aspires to be a professional model with international projection.

Janairy Pomales
She is proud to represent hardworking and independent young women. He is concerned about the lack of safety for children in public schools, as well as populations that do not have sufficient resources to meet basic needs.

Jineyriberliz Valentin
Among her professional goals are completing her degree in Business Administration and establishing a modeling academy. The social problems that concern her the most are child abuse and domestic violence.

Juanita Polanco Irizarry
As a sustainable fashion designer and entrepreneur, she wants to expand her brand as JPI Designs, to continue educating about the importance of dressing consciously and reducing the environmental pollution.

Karina M. Rivera Camacho
She is a personal trainer and aspires to have a gym where she combines physical health with mental health. You are concerned that anxiety and depression will normalize and professional help will not be sought.

Karla Inelisse Guilfu
He is pursuing a master’s degree in Psychology. With his project “Let’s Begin to Heal” he seeks to impact various communities through psychoeducation using social networks and offering workshops. Likewise, making alliances with non-profit organizations that positively impact the mental health of Puerto Ricans.

Kiara Rivera Escudero
She works as an ophthalmologist assistant while she is in her last year of nursing to become a nurse anesthetist. She considers one of her greatest achievements to have obtained a scholarship to play volleyball in the United States and thus complete her first bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management.

Lorenna Antile Rosado
He speaks four languages. He is concerned about poverty in our country. You want to participate in Miss Universe Puerto Rico to represent women and highlight your Asian, African, European, and native descent.

Luisa Angelica Vazquez Rios
She is a professional model and one of her goals is to work for large influential fashion brands worldwide and continue to carry a message of self-love that dispels beauty stereotypes.

Mariely Colon Sanchez
One of her professional goals is to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Fashion Design and start practicing with designers already established in the industry. She works as a volunteer at the Ven-Rose Foundation which cares for cancer patients.

Melanie Rivera Sanchez
Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Among her professional goals are developing in the field of health to contribute to social well-being and participating in Miss Universe Puerto Rico to acquire new knowledge and experiences that allow her to create impact projects.

Mistral Cedanio Rojas
She is a consultant in an audit company where she provides services as a business analyst. She wants to combine her passion for consulting with that of modeling and from both platforms contribute positively to the country.

Natalia Elena Zayas Morales
She is an interior designer and decorator. You want to develop your design company in Puerto Rico and achieve worldwide recognition. Among the social problems, he is concerned about ignorance and inaction on global warming.

Nathalie Santa Cruz Bacardi
She works in digital marketing, as well as being a fashion designer. She taught herself to sew through educational videos on social media and within 6 months she managed to launch her first spring “capsule” collection. With that collection, he found a mentor who saw his potential and taught him more techniques and skills.

Naysha P. Rivera Berrios
She aspires to complete her studies in nursing and become an entrepreneur with a business dedicated to baking. One of the social problems that worries her the most and with which she would like to collaborate against is gender violence.

Nelyangeliz Ventura
She is a university student and model. He is concerned about the lack of education about family values ​​and the consequences that we experience as a society. Since she was little, she has lived with enthusiasm in the culture of beauty pageants.

Nemesie Naara Martínez Negrón
She is a high school student in Management Administration and at the same time an entrepreneur in the world of telecommunications. She is a lover of catwalks, cameras, and makeup. Since she was 14 years old, she wants to participate in Miss Universe Puerto Rico.

Neysha Mendoza Castro
She is a journalist and actress. He speaks three languages. He longs to venture into the Anglo-Saxon film and television industry. He is concerned that basic services are a luxury for Puerto Ricans due to the high prices. So also access to health, especially mental health.

Ninoshka Rodriguez
He is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with Forensic Investigation. He aspires to belong to the Puerto Rico Police and later to the FBI academy. He is concerned about the level of poverty that we could experience soon due to the increase in the cost of living for Puerto Ricans.

Paola Crystal Rosa Badillo
She is passionate about being a teacher and having in her hands the responsibility of educating and helping the children of Puerto Rico find their way to having a bright future. It considers important to make visible and combat gender issues that result in serious violations of human rights.

Rina Rivera Vargas
In addition to Spanish and English, he speaks Italian. She aspires to be a world-class interior designer who generates sustainable structures and spaces over the years that can be enjoyed by all, regardless of social class.

Rocio del Mar Aviles Market
She is a graduate student of Biology and Premedical, interested in medicine and scientific research. He has traveled to different parts of the world to represent Puerto Rico in science fairs. In the long term, he wants to establish his foundation to educate children and adults about STEM careers and their importance.

Sachelle Gonzalez
She would like to learn a third language like French as she envisions having her clothing line and aspires to do deals with the fashion capital, France. She wants to participate in Miss Universe Puerto Rico because throughout history it is a platform that gives women a voice.

Thaiz Mariel Maceira
In addition to being a salesperson, she is an independent professional in the film industry. One of his greatest achievements, after Hurricane Maria, stands out as producing a documentary that earned a nomination from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Emmy Awards).

Xarimar Acevedo
He completed a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. She would like to enter Law School and complete a Juris Doctor in Public Law with a focus on human rights. She is the creator of the AIRE Project, a community effort that seeks to develop initiatives for acceptance, inclusion, and equity in Puerto Rico.
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