Who is the newly crowned Miss Grand Thailand 2023?

Who is the newly crowned Miss Grand Thailand 2023?

Miss Grand Thailand 2023 is Aoom Thaweeporn Phingchamra from Chumphon

29 April 2023 was the grand coronation event of the 11th edition of the Miss Grand Thailand 2023 beauty pageant held at MGI Hall, Show DC Megacomplex, Bangkok, Thailand. While the initial pageant activities were decided to be done in the province of Chiang Mai. The live coronation event was broadcasted through the live stream on Grand TV’s Youtube channel. Hosted by Mr. Matthew Deane Chanthavanij who charmed the audience with his witty personality. Overall, all the Top seventy-seven delegates performed in the opening dance and self-introduction round wearing colorful outfits.

The panel of judges included Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil founder and chairman of the Miss Grand International organization, Teresa Chaivisut Vice-President of MGI, and Isabella Menin Miss Grand International 2022 from Brazil. Aoom Thaweeporn Phingchamrat from Chumphon is crowned as Miss Grand Thailand 2023 winner by last year’s winner Engfa Waraha Miss Grand Thailand 2022. Aoom will represent Thailand at the 11th edition of Miss Grand International 2023 on 15 October 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Her court includes Miss Grand Phuket as 1st Runner-Up, Miss Grand Bangkok Pimjira Charoenluk finished as the 2nd Runner-Up, Miss Popular Vote winner Miss Grand Loei Ajcharee Srisuk awarded 3rd Runner-Up and rounding up the Top 5 was Miss Grand Phrae Ketwalee Phlobdee as the 4th Runner-Up. The spectacular final event had high-tech 4K quality visuals and modern soundtrack music for different rounds of the competition.

Aoom is 27-year-old beauty hailing from Chumphon Province in Southern Thailand. She stands at the height of 171cm 5 feet 7.5 inches tall and her body proportions are 32-24-36. She graduated bachelor’s degree of Business Management, major in Human Resources Management and she currently works as an advertising model and influencer. Previously, she had placed as the third runner-up at Miss Grand Thailand 2017 contest and represented Thailand at Miss United Continents 2017 international pageant where she again placed as 3rd Runner-Up and won the Best National Costume special awards wearing the iconic durian fruit dress. In 2020, she participated in the Miss Universe Thailand contest where she placed among the Top 10 finalists. Due to her impressive pageant experience, confident aura, and outstanding stage presence, she is one of the front runners for the Miss Grand Thailand crown and ended up winning the main title of Miss Grand Thailand 2023 alongside winning many special awards including Miss Angelic Face, Shining Gril, and Miss Citra titles.

During the final event, she wore the beautiful pastel pink flowy chiffon dress which looked spectacular during the evening gown competition. Her response during both the Top 11 and Top 5 Question and Answer rounds received an overwhelmingly positive reception from the audience at the final event. Aoom was selected as Boss Choice during the Top 5 announcement. Her conviction, and passion to drive her country towards Democracy, away from corrupt leaders made her the eventual winner of the Miss Grand Thailand 2023.


Top 11 Questions and Answers

If you can pick between the current Thai Prime Minister Mr. Prayut Chan-o-cha and First Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwon, who would you choose and why?

Aoom replied: I would like to select none of the above but if I had to pick I would choose Mr. Prawit since he is old and has difficulty walking. Unable to make any decision as he is in the final years of his life. We do not know when he will go from this earth, so picking him will lead us one step closer to democracy with the new set of ruling parties. Democracy is a revolution for the development of the country. Change for the betterment and throw away corrupt laws. Change everything (current ruling party) and do not choose stupid leaders to rule this country again.


Top 5 Questions and Answers

Upcoming election day is on the 14th of May, and every party promoting their policy will support the general public. Even though they do not fulfill their promises. Suggest a punishment for those parties for failing their responsibilities by committing fraud. So, they can be an example for the future ruling party.


As we can see recently every party are promoting fake dreams to get selected in this election. Even though, deep inside they know their promises are too good to be true. I suggest creating a government record according to their promises and track down their unfulfilled plans and never let them run for election again. It is fundamental for a leader of a country to be genuine to their people. Honesty is the best quality to have in a leader because to rule with lies shows your lack of sincerity to rule anyone

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