Top 10 Interviews in Miss Grand International 2022

Top 10 Interviews in Miss Grand International 2022. Yesterday was the all-important close-door interview round where all the delegates faced the tough questions asked by the judges. This year, the panel of judges included the President of Miss Grand International Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil, Vice President Madam Teresa Chaivisut, Miss Grand International 2014 Lees Garcia from Cuba, and Miss Grand International 2016 Ariska Putri Pertiwi from Indonesia. Here are my Top 10 Interviews in Miss Grand International 2022.

Miss Grand Brazil Isabella Menin introduced herself like a First lady of Brazil in this beautiful chic pink outfit, her hair was up in an elegant bun. Judges looked impressed with her presentation even before they asked her any questions. Mr. Nawat asked her some tough questions regarding the current political election happening in Brazil and how will she promote the Miss Grand International brand in her country. She was calm and composed and handled tough questions with ease, reflecting that she will use her social projects, and media tour, and prioritize the Miss Grand International as a victory for the Brazilian people who have been waiting to win a glorious grand slam crown after 51 years. Isabella has been training with intensive preparations for the past 10 years to represent her country in the best way possible. Judges seem impressed with her sensible response and her thoughts were presented remarkably. Miss Grand Brasil has consistently performed wonderfully in this pageant and she has safely secured herself a high position after this close door interview. She selected Miss Grand Czech Republic and was involved in social advocacy regarding teaching yoga and a healthy lifestyle to children in Bali, Indonesia which resonate with Isabella and is also fond of meditation.

Miss Grand Cambodia Pich Votey Saravody is an island girl from Preah Sihanouk Province who has recently graduated from the University of Tourism. She worked as an actress which helped her earn money which she invested towards learning the English language for 6 months in preparation for her national pageant. A confident woman who is eager to represent her country Cambodia in Miss Grand International, who has learned the Thai language by watching Thai movies and dramas. She picked Miss Grand Thailand Engfa Waraha as her choice for Miss Grand International.

Miss Grand Colombia Priscilla Londoño is a businesswoman who works as a fashion model, plastic surgery clinic, and swimwear company. A frequent traveler from Texas, the United States to Colombia which has helped her improve her communication skills. Previously, Priscilla joined the Miss Texas USA beauty pageant which has helped her gain experience and self-assurance. She has calm confidence which made her fascinated when she talked about her accomplishments in her life. When she told her journey since her national pageant and the vast transformation she achieved to compete at Miss Grand International, it was a touching moment. As it showed her vulnerable side which made it relatable and personable to viewers who are watching this exclusive close door interview. She picked Miss Laos Phoutsavanh Vongkhamxao as the winner due to her mature nature and her ability to handle any stressful situation with professionalism which is an important quality to have in a beauty queen.

Miss Grand Czech Republic Mariana Bečková was a well-spoken and intelligent delegate. She is currently finishing her Master’s Degree in Child Development psychology as her main goal in life is to help children into strong happy individuals. Mariana believes that every child should have a fair chance in life. She also already build a school for underprivileged children in Bangladesh, her goal is to build schools all around the world so children have access to quality education. Previously, Mariana traveled to Bali, Indonesia where she taught Yoga and meditation to young people to have a healthy body and mindset. During her stay, she was able to connect with the native of the island. To enrich herself and experience more about Indonesian culture as she sang a beautiful Indonesian song during her interview. Her background as a gymnast has helped her to be calm and collected, she expressed herself properly in front of the judges. As she has been training for a long time to prepare for Miss Grand International, she has taken runway and Thai language classes in Bangkok, Thailand.

Miss Grand Dominican Republic Jearmanda Ramos has Bachelor’s degree in International Relations. Losing her mother at an early age, inspired her to join a beauty pageant to take care of herself. Her outfit made the judges notice her immediately when she talked about her profession as a real estate agent. It showed her business initiative, she is here to work for the organization and she is ready to work. She is a chameleon with a strong mindset and headstrong attitude which is suitable for Miss Grand International. She selected Miss Ecuador who shares similar personality traits. A dark horse in this competition as Miss Grand Dominican Republic proved that she is not only a good runway model but she also has the Intellectual ability to impress a big audience.

Miss Grand Guatemala Andrea Radford. A sports enthusiast, she enjoys playing extreme sports MMA and motor cross. She was bullied as children through hard work, and her discipline and excellency have helped her to accomplish her dream through her story to help motivate other children through her personal story. When she mentioned the Special Dinner where Mr. Nawat talked about being part of Miss Grand International as not an organization but it is a family. It showed that she is a good listener and she will apply accurate information in the future. One of the judges Lees Garcia complimented her regarding her consistent work since Day 1 in the International Pageant. A soft-spoken delegate Andrea selected Miss Grand Philippines as her winner choice.

Miss Grand Indonesia Adina Julie showcased her angelic voice at the beginning of her interview when she sang Perfect Song by Ed Sheeran. It was a brilliant warm-up for her smoothing voice. A student of Economics student at the university, she moved from her small village to Jakarta a year ago for Miss Grand International. Adina practiced her English for less than a year as part of her training session with her National Director for this international pageant. Mr. Nawat complimented her overall appearance and styling for this special event. When she was in elementary school, she saw an elegant lady who was parading on the street in her village, it was a beauty queen who motivated her to join and become a beauty queen in the future. Her dream is to help young children from underprivileged backgrounds to inspire them and give them hope for a better future.

Miss Grand Netherlands Marit Beets has a contagious personality! She was engaging, and high energy with a good spirit during her interview. She made the judges smile with her sincere answers about why she joined Miss Grand International. Her appreciation and dedication towards the Miss Grand International team’s hard work and structured daily routine were similar to her personality. It made her stand out in this round as it showed that she is a hard worker who enjoys inputting her knowledge toward helping other people. She picked Miss Grand United Kingdom as the winner if, she does not win the crown.

Miss Grand Philippines Roberta Tamondong was poised and charming in her interview where she started this presentation with some Filipino souvenirs to the judges to show appreciation to the Miss Grand International organization. Looking after her, she fell ill and was unable to attend the Gala Night in Jakarta, Indonesia. As an advocate for environmental awareness in her country and an ambassador for the department of natural resources. It was a good first impression for Miss Philippines as she presented herself and her social project which has made an impact on many people in the Philippines. Roberta shared her previous accomplishment as an international titleholder of Miss Teen Eco International 2020. Question Mr. Nawat asked regarding any pressure she faced due to the passionate Filipino fans from her country. She replied “It is fine if other people do not want to support me, I am just trying my best as an individual, and whatever happens, happens. Right now, I am enjoying myself here at Miss Grand International. For sure that is not going to knock me down until the finals. I am going to perform even if I have flu the day before, I will still perform and get ready to work.” It was an excellent answer as she handle herself significantly under pressure. As one of the youngest delegates in this year’s edition, Miss Grand Philippines Roberta Tamondong has always carried herself with class, determination, goal orientated, and diligently. She selected Miss Brazil as the winner of Miss Grand International.

Miss Grand Thailand Engfa Waraha shared her story of being a singer who loves to entertain people through her talent and love for singing. She was born in Uthai Thani Province in a poor family after her father deceased. Engfa became the breadwinner of her family where she would financially support them. Her sincerity touched the judge’s heart, when she said despite her lack of fluency in the English language, she is willing to learn and improve her English speaking skills. It shows, she is dedicated to learning and improving herself to be the best version of Engfa. A great delegate to represent the Land of Smile as she has a bright smile which is radiating and connects with the audience. Her growth and her charismatic personality made her stand out in her closed-door interview. Engfa chose Miss Grand Indonesia as her winner choice as they both have a passion for singing and the entertainment industry.

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