Who is Miss Grand Czech Republic 2023 Sophia Osako?

Miss Grand Czech Republic 2023 Sophia Osako

In a dazzling moment of beauty and grace, Sophia Osako has been crowned as Miss Grand Czech Republic 2023! With her captivating presence, intelligence, and unwavering dedication. To make a positive impact, Sophia embodies the essence of Miss Grand Czech Republic.

Prague, Czech Republic – The first edition of Miss Grande Czech Republic 2023 was held in Prague, Czech Republic on 13 May 2023. The live show was broadcast on the Grand TV for international viewers. Sophia Osako was crowned as Miss Grande Czech Republic 2023 winner by Miss Grand International 2022 Isabella Menin of Brazil. Alongside the reigning winner, there was a special appearance at the coronation event alongside Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil the president of the Miss Grand International organization. This year the Top 11 official delegates competed for the title and the Top 5 finalists included Dominika Němečková, Veronika Dočkalová, Sophia Osako, Kateřina Mládková, and Anna Benešová respectively.

Who is Miss Grand Czech Republic 2023 Sophia Osako?

She is 18 years old Czech Japanese beauty currently a Political Sciences student at Anglo-American University. Standing at the towering height of 180cm 5 feet 11 inches tall, Sophia would like to dedicate herself to a charity that focuses on helping children in the Czech Republic in the field of education and training and gradually expand this organization to other countries. She would like to be an inspiration to young people who are sick or in other difficult situations and to show them that despite all this it is possible to achieve all our dreams.

Furthermore, I would like to be a good role model and represent our republic and show the surrounding countries that we are open to other nationalities and cooperation with them. Winning the Miss Czech Republic would open the door to world modeling and allow me to get to know other countries and cultures, which would enrich my worldview and thinking. And last but not least, thanks to Miss Czech Republic and her collaborations, she could better help others in need. Her purpose in life is to spread positivity and make people smile. During the final event, she impressed the judges and the audience with her final answer when she was asked about which topic needed more attention in society.

Winning answer of Miss Grand Czech Republic

Final Question: What topic do you think deserves more attention in society?

Sophia replied: We need to bring more attention to Human trafficking among children. Human trafficking is a huge problem all around the world. Over 300,000 kids all around the world are trafficked every year. Last year in Thailand, 40,000 children under the age of 16 were convicted of human trafficking. Therefore, I have started working together with 
DEPDC/GMS (Anti-Human Trafficking NGO) Charity
 based in Chiang Rai, Thailand which helps prevent child sex trafficking and human trafficking. They also help aid the victims to get back on their feet after escaping human trafficking. Thank you.

This winning answer helped Sophia become the new winner of Miss Grand Czech Republic 2023. She will represent the Czech Republic at the Miss Grand International 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 25 October 2023. Previous Miss Grand Czech Republic 2022 Mariana Bečková who placed 4th Runner-Up at Miss Grand International 2022 was the host for this special event.

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