Miss Grand International 2023 Top 20 favorites for the crown

TOP 20 Miss Grand International 2023 Final Prediction

The grand coronation event of Miss Grand International 2023 will be held on 25 October 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The reigning Miss Grand International 2022 Isabella Menin of Brazil will crown her successor by the end of the event. We have looked at all the delegates performance from the Day 1 when they arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam until the Preliminary Competition which was held on 22 October 2023. Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil is looking for a winner who has 4 B’s Beauty, Brain, Body and Business, keeping these criterias in mind, we have selected our Top 20 Final Prediction who best suit the requirements by the Miss Grand International who can help promote the brand to a bigger audience.

Top 20 Semi-Finalists

20 Miss Grand United Kingdom Chloe Baker is 23 years old marketing manager, ring girl, and fashion model. Chloe has first class honors degree in Interior Architecture and Design from the University of Portsmouth, UK. Her dance experience has helped her runway presentation which was regal and graceful. Miss Grand UK team has done a fantastic job creating social media contents for Chloe to promote the different Vietnamese cities from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh.

19 Miss Grand Spain Celia Sevilla is 22 years old and currently studying a double degree in Law and International Relations. She has been working hard to prepare for the Miss Grand International beauty pageant, travelling to Thailand to improve her runway walk and posture. Her tanned skin makes her eye color stand out, her evening gown was unique and suits her complexion.

18 Miss Grand India Arshina Sumbul is 24 years age from Rajasthan. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications. She has a sweet, friendly, and charming personality who is caring of other contestants during lunch and dinner events. Arshina has empathy and humble attitude. During the Preliminary Competition, she looked beautiful and shined in the evening gown with her regal and majestic aura.

17 Miss Grand Uzbekistan Amaliya Shakirova is 28 years old model works as a commercial model in Manila, Philippines where she got her preparations for the international pageant before heading to Vietnam. Her tall height, and beautiful Eurasian look is perfect to sell and promote the MGI products which is perfect for this year’s emphasis on the business. Her fun and outgoing personality during the rehearsals and travelling around the host country makes her congenial.

16 Miss Grand Venezuela Valentina Martinez is 23 years old, Systems engineering student at the Saint Mary University in Barcelona, Spain. Valentina was crowned in August last year and she had over 1 year to improve and enhance herself to be the best version of herself. She has a bubbly and charismatic personality which made her shine during the “Best in Ao Dai” Top 6 Talk with Mr. Nawat. She had let her hair down where she was free and open which made her relatable to the audience. Her gold evening gown matched the golden Miss Grand International crown.

15 Miss Grand Angola Eugenia Das Neves is 24 years old Mechatronics engineer who is currently working as an administrative assistant. Miss Grand Angola has always been the show starter in evening round and she had performed fabulously with high energy and momentum. She has the strongest runway presentation among the African delegates and it would be nice to see her making it to the Top 20 semi-finalist on the final night.

14 Miss Grand Ghana Kitava Yvettlana Fosuwa Amankwaa is Ghanaian Thai Cambodian beauty. She grew up in a Khmer-Thai border located in Sisaket Province, Thailand. Growing up in a poor household, she lacked educational opportunities and it was difficult to further her education. This inspired her to advocate for quality education for children living in impoverished families. She has finished her Fashion Design degree and now works as fashion designer. She is one of the Top 5 Grand Voice finalist and her voice is mesmerizing which is perfect to sing in a musical concert. She has a commanding stage presence with an angelic voice. Kitava has a high chance to win the Grand Voice award.

13 Miss Grand Philippines Nikkie De Moura is 19 years old Brazilian Filipina model, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She had moved to the Philippines in 2016 to pursue a modelling career. She finished first runner-up in Supermodel Me reality modelling show. Her youthful and glowing beauty with curly hairstyle made her radiant on the stage. Even though, she is one of the youngest delegates, she is mature and carries herself with professionalism.

12 Miss Grand Thailand Aoom Phingchamrat is 27 years old from Chumphon Province located in Southern Thailand. She is not new to the pageantry world as Aoom had finished third runner-up during Miss Grand Thailand 2017 and represented her country at the Miss United Continents 2017 where she placed third runner-up. Her cute, cheerful and playful personality with sexy look has made her popular among many international fans. She has a good stage presence and she has delivered with her fashion looks from the day she arrived in Vietnam.

11 Miss Grand Puerto Rico Maria Cristina Ramos is 26 years age and graduate of Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Public Relations. She had a beautiful and sophisticated presence on the stage. Her red hair color makes her stand out in the group and her captivating aura was noticeable during the Preliminary Competition. Puerto Rico has placed every single year since the establishment of the Miss Grand International in 2013 with the first winner Janelee Chaparro is a Puerto Rican woman. This year Maria has high expectations to continue the legacy of Puerto Rico in this year’s pageant.

10 Miss Grand United States of America Sthephanie Miranda is 29 years old who was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Ohio in USA at an early age. She completed her degree in Communications, Journalism, and Theatre from the Youngstown State University. A pageant veteran who has many titles under her belt, including Miss Latinoamerica 2018, Miss Ohio USA 2020, Miss USA 2020 Top 16, Miss Universe Puerto Rico Top 5, Nuestra Belleza Puerto Rico runner-up and Miss Grand United States 2023 winner. She had a commanding communication skills during the closed door interview, her eyes sparkle every time she speaks with confidence and her journalism baackground has made her one of the best speakers in this year’s competition. Sthephanie’s big curly hair adds character and makes her unique.

9 Miss Grand Vietnam Le Hoang Phuong is 27 years old, graduate with Honors degree from Ho Chi Minh City and works as an Architect and CEO of an Architecture company. As the host delegate, she has done a brilliant job at helping other delegates understand about the Vietnamese culture and history. Her runway experience shows in her presentation with smooth flow in all the different challenges. She will make Top 10 based on her own merits.

8 Miss Grand Dominican Republic Skarxi Marte is 21 years age and stands at the towering height of 180cm 5 feet 11 inches tall. A Biology student and a fashion model, she has been one of the fan favorites before arriving to Vietnam. Her tall height, outgoing personality and commanding stage presence has made her noticed by the international fans especially after she recovered from the swimsuit fall in the swimming pool. A warrior who overcomes every challenge, her evening gown performance was spectacular wearing the golden cape in Preliminary Competition.

7 Miss Grand Netherlands Melissa Bottema is 23 years old model, dancer and gymnastic coach. Melissa has a Social Work degree and likes helping the underprivileged people. She is flexible and due to her dance background, she was able to perform with high energy on the stage. Her cheerful attitude, soft spoken voice, regal and elegance made her the strongest presentation among the European delegates this year. Her signature straight long black hair with fair skin suits her vibrant red evening gown.

6 Miss Grand Czech Republic Sophia Osako is 19 years young Czech Japanese beauty, currently a Political Science student and volunteers at different charities around the world. Her cute, charming and adorable Eurasian features are perfect balance to promote beauty products. A bright future in modelling and entertainment industry following her Japanese father’s foot steps who is a successful singer in Japan. She has released her new song before Grand Voice audition and her singing skills will be useful for Miss Grand International 2023 Top 10 music concert which will happen after the grand final event in Thailand.

5 Miss Grand Indonesia Ritasya Wellgreat is 22 years old who graduated summa cum laude Majoring in Accounting. Her advocacy is about helping the elderly to make a positive difference in her local community. Ritasya has bright smile and positive attitude as she has been helpful to other Grand sisters creating a long lasting connections. She has empathy and humble personality which are great attributes to work for the Miss Grand International organization. She has a powerful runway walk and her delivery has been consistent since Day 1 until the Preliminary Competition.

4 Miss Grand Ukraine Yulia Klimenko is 19 years old beauty from Kyiv who wants to spread the message of peace and harmony which is what this world needs right now. Coming from a war torn country like Ukraine, she hopes to use this important platform to raise voices for Ukrainian women that they are empowered, independent and not afraid of anything. It will be a great to hear her speech about Stop the War and Violence speaking from her own personal experience. Yulia has an angelic and princess aura as she has promoted many Vietnamese sponsors on her social media as she has been a good ambassador for the Miss Grand International brand.

3 Miss Grand Myanmar Ni Ni Lin Eain is 22 who studied Civil Engineering from Singapore. Her stunning Asian features, impeccable personality and her drive to be the first Burmese Miss Grand International winner is admirable. Watching her speaking skills during the Top 6 Pre-Arrival Special Dinner with Mr. Nawat showed her passion to be a part of the Grand family. Her determination to learn Thai and English languages in a short period of time shows her adaptability. She is on the right direction as Myanmar has huge support from the fans and she has a high chance to win the golden crown if she improves her runway walk as it is stiff and not smooth during the swimsuit competition.

2 Miss Grand Colombia Maria Alejandra Lopez is 29 years old, Industrial Engineering graduate who has joined many beauty pageants which has helped her to be more confident and believe in herself. After losing her father, she was in a low part of her life and the Miss Grand International pageant helped her to overcome obstacles and be her own superhero. Her hardwork, dedication and consistently giving her best in every single challenge from Day 1 until the Preliminary Competition shows that she is hungry for the Golden crown. She will be a great addition to the Miss Grand International family as she will be always be ready to work which is an important quality to select the winner.

1 Miss Grand Peru Luciana Fuster is 24 years old, radio presenter, television figure, business woman, influencer with a background in Communication Science and Marketing. She has incredible stage presence, impressive communication skills, her energetic and positive personality makes her the most beloved contestant from the fans. She is a full package as she fulfills the 4 B’s Beauty, Brain, Body and Business. Luciana can use her experience of working on Television to promote the Miss Grand International pageant to a bigger audience. Overall, Miss Grand Peru is the best delegate as she fits all the requirements and she is ready to work after she is crowned as the Miss Grand International 2023 winner.

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