Meet 71st Miss World 2023 Caribbean Delegates

Meet 71st Miss World 2023 American Delegates

Get to know the delegates of the 71st Miss World 2023 which will be held on 9 March 2024 in Mumbia, India. This is the second time that the Miss World pageant has been held in India. Karolina Bielawska of Poland will crown her successor at the end of the event.

Miss World Belize Elise-Gayonne Vernon Age: 22 Height: 162 Language: Belizean Creole and English
Occupation: Self-Employed Farmer

Elise-Gayonne became a self-employed Farmer after having studied Biology at University. She is a certified Beekeeper and has also rescued many animals which now live on her farm. Elise-Gayonne has future ambitions to become a Vet, specialising in large farm animals. Some of her hobbies include: Open water diving, Soccer and being involved in her local community. She also plays the steel pan and guitar.

‘I am a humble, ambitious and passionate person who is not afraid to face challenges, embrace learning opportunities and step up and speak for what I believe.’

Miss World Cayman Islands Leanni Tibbetts Age: 27 Height: 162cm
Occupation: First Officer Pilot for Cayman Airways Language: English

After completing her Degree in Aviation, Leanni is currently working as a First Officer Pilot for Cayman Airways. She is also a Sub Lieutenant with the Cayman Islands Cadet Corps and has future ambitions to be a Member of Parliament. ‘I am a very passionate individual which drives my advocacy and dedication to service. My life and accomplishments are inspirational to many, especially the youth and women of my country.’ Among her interests are scuba diving, free diving and jet skiing.’

Miss World Curacao Nashaira Balentien Age: 25 Height: 178cm Occupation: Student
Language: Papiementu, Spanish, Dutch and English

Having completed a Degree in Principles of Leadership, Nashaira has continued to study International and European Law, owns her own business and has aspirations to become a Business Developer. Among her hobbies are: cooking, kick boxing and dancing. Her favourite book is ‘Stoicism and the Art of Happiness.’

‘Respecting myself and others is a non-negotiable principle I live by.’ Nashaira’s proudest moment was when she opened her rooftop lounge.

Miss World Dominican Republic Maria Victoria Bayo Martinez Age: 24 Height: 179cm Occupation: Graduated in Business Administration, Professional Athlete and Pilot Student.
Language: Spanish and English

Maria is a Professional Athlete. As well as finishing a Degree in Business Administration and International Business, Maria is also studying to be a Pilot. She is very passionate about her Beauty with a Purpose project: ‘Back in the Hood’ to help motivate younger people from disadvantaged areas try and make a life for themselves. As well as being a professional Volleyball Player, Maria also enjoys playing golf, soccer and is an avid baseball fan.

Miss World Guadeloupe Marie Hatchi Age: 27 Height: 174cm
Language: French, Creole, English and Spanish. Occupation: Childcare Assistant, Student.

After completing a Masters in Midwifery and Health Science, Marie is working as a Childcare Assistant in maternity and nursery and is a student in French Sign Language. Her ambition is to open a daycare Centre primarily for deaf children, and create an association which aims to promote French Sign Language. Her interests are aikido, running and sewing.

‘I am a determined, respectful and generous young woman. I love to share because sharing brings double joy to me and others.’

Miss World Haiti Valierie Alcide Age: 28 Height: 178cm
Occupation: Head of Recovery Services for National Port Authority, Model And Founded her own Talent Agency. Language: Creole, French and English

Valierie is passionate about acting and comedy and undertook her first degree in Theatre Studies. She then went on to gain a second degree in Diplomacy and International Relations, Valierie is now working as the Head of Recovery Services for the National Port Authority.

She has also set up her own company ‘connecting business owners and entrepreneurs with new generations to educate, inspire and empower.’ Valierie also works as a professional model and founded her own Talent Agency.

Miss World Jamaica Shanique Singh Age: 26 Height: 167cm Occupation: Student
Language: Jamaican Patois and English

Shanique is currently a Medical Student and has ambitions to become an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. ‘With confidence in my abilities and unwavering determination I am driven to surpass my goals and inspire those around me, for I believe the boundaries that we face are only self-imposed limits.’

Shanique’s proudest moment was when she revisited her primary school after becoming Miss Jamaica. Her favourite books are the Harry Potter Series and she enjoys belly dancing, playing netball and singing.

Miss World Puerto Rico Elena Rivera Age: 20 Height: 175cm
Occupation: Student Language: Spanish and English

Elena is currently in her final year of studying Marketing at University and has ambitions to expand her Vintage Clothing Store. She is also working as a Professional Model. Elena enjoys playing volleyball and salsa dancing and has six pet dogs. ‘I describe myself as a very empathic person. I have been raised with values, and those values and valuing the feelings of others makes a big difference in the world.’

Miss World Trinidad and Tobago Aché Abrahams Age: 24 Height: 164cm
Occupation: Model, Social media marketing manager. Language: English and Spanish

Ache is currently working as a Model and a Social Media Marketing Manager and has ambitions to continue expanding her creative roles from a Motivational Speaker to a TV Presenter. Her proudest moment is becoming certified as a Youth and Adult Mental Health First-Aider.

Ache has visited many schools and created safe spaces for children to discuss their Mental Health. ‘I am an advocate for true substantial change in the world and I use my art as a way to create dialogue about issues we face in the world.’ Personal Motto: ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’