Meet 71st Miss World 2023 Asian Delegates

Meet 71st Miss World 2023 Asian Delegates

Get to know the delegates of the 71st Miss World 2023 will be held on 9 March 2024 in Mumbia, India. This is the second time that the Miss World pageant has been held in India. Karolina Bielawska of Poland will crown her successor at the end of the event.

Miss World Australia Kristen Wright Age: 24 Height: 175 Language: English
Occupation: student

Kristen is studying for a Degree in Biomedical Science and would like to pursue a career in Paediatric Speech Pathology. A National Gymnast for over 10 years she also became the youngest Scuba Instructor in Victoria. Kristen is also a published children’s author and her other hobbies include surfing, motorbike riding, hiking, horse riding.

‘I am an individual driven by passion, kindness and compassion. With a strong sense of purpose, I actively engage in personal growth and contribute to my community; my proudest moment was starting the Educate Resuscitate Project in memory of a close friend.’

Miss World Cambodia Srey Pich Teng Age: 18 Height: 173cm
Language: Khmer and English Occupation: student

Sreypich is a student in her first year at University and has ambitions to be an Entrepreneur. ‘I love being independent and meeting people from different parts of the world. In future, I would like to travel all over the world and get to know different cultures and traditions.’ She enjoys traditional dancing and singing and is learning to play the guitar.

Personal Motto: ‘Love yourself, try to find out about your true self and do not compare yourself with others.’

Miss World China Kexin Xu Age: 25 Height: 175cm Occupation: model
Language: Chinese and English

Kexin is working as a model after studying Performing Arts at University, she has ambitions to be an influential woman that can support and promote Equality and Human Rights which she is passionate about. As well as being a National Athlete, Kexin enjoys boxing, dancing and drawing. Her favourite films are Oppenheimer and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

‘I am brave and strong and love the world with all my heart.’

Miss World India Sini Shetty Age: 22 Height: 175cm Occupation: Student an youth Marketing Organization
Language: English and Hindi, Marathi and Tulu.

After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance, Sini is currently pursuing a Professional Course in Financial Analysis and working for a youth Marketing Organization. She is also a Model and a Dance Teacher having trained for 15 years in Bharatanatyam, India’s most challenging and traditional classical dance.

Her proudest moment is delivering a 3-hour performance of 8 theatrical dances to an audience of 2000. ‘While I strive for excellence, my pursuit of happiness is driven by my purpose: an independent spirit and a commitment to authentic self-expression.’

Miss World Indonesia Audrey Susilo

Miss World Iraq Balsam Ali Age: 27 Height: 175cm Language: Arabic, Turkish and English
Occupation: Balsam is working as a Television Presenter after having completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism and would like to continue her career in Journalism and Modelling.

Since being crowned Miss Iraq, Balsam has worked extensively with women and children affected by the war such as establishing workshops for women and raising awareness in schools to support children’s education. Her proudest moment was when she helped a child with Leukaemia travel outside of Iraq. She also enjoys playing basketball and singing.

Miss World Japan Kana Yamaguchi Age: 24 Height: 160cm
Occupation: TV Anchor, a Physical Education Trainer and as a Model Language: Japanese and English

After completing a Degree in Sports Science and Education, Kana is currently working as a TV Anchor, a Physical Education Trainer and as a Model. She would like to one day own her own Health and Fitness Brand.

‘I like to describe myself as a 21st Century Japanese girl with a Samurai Spirit. I follow my ambitions with all my strength and I practice self-discipline. What motivates me is the fact that my actions can become a driving force behind motivating others.’ Kana also plays the piano and handball.

Miss World Kazakhstan Tomiris Kakimova Age: 22 Height: 175cm Occupation: Runway Coach
Language: Kazakh, Russian, English, Kyrgyz & Uzbek

Tomiris has completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Law and a Master’s Degree in Law. She is currently working as a Runway Coach and has ambitions to open her own Fashion School and an Entertainment centre for older people. Her hobbies include horseback riding, playing the Kazakh, skiing and archery.

‘I am a person of peace, open minded and guided by my moral values. I believe in diversity and harmony in the world. My personal motto is: Life is beautiful if you learn to live it.’

Miss World Korea Lijin Kim Age: 23 Height: 174cm
Occupation: Model and a Pilates Instructor Language: Korean and English

Lijin is a Model and a Pilates Instructor after completing a Degree in Airline Cabin Service Management. She would one day like to be the CEO of a Global Sports Agency. She enjoys Yoga, Pilates and K-pop dancing. Her favourite book is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

‘I am a positive and social person who radiates warmth and joy effortlessly connecting with others. My passion ignites the world with unwavering enthusiasm, dedication and a fervent commitment to pursuing my dreams.’

Miss World Laos Phonevilai Louanglath Age: 27 Height: 170cm
Language: Lao and little English and Thai Occupation: Runs her own Import, Export Business

Having finished her Degree in Business Administration, Phonevilay owns and runs her own Import, Export Business and has ambitions to be a role model for young women in her country. She enjoys playing Badminton and Volleyball and Traditional Laos dancing. Her proudest moment was graduating from University. ‘I try my best today and tomorrow I will try even harder, this helps me to stay focused and motivated in life.’

Miss World Lebanon Yasmina Zaytoun Age: 20 Height: 167cm
Occupation: Student An hosts her own TV show Language: Arabic, English and French

Yasmina is currently studying journalism, is an entrepreneur and hosts her own TV show called: ‘With Yasmina Show.’ She would like to continue her studies with a Master’s Degree in Political Science. She is passionate about interviewing and acting and enjoys reading books on self development.

‘I am a young woman filled with ambition, humour and confidence. I embrace spontaneity, authenticity and remain grounded in my roots. Believing in myself and acknowledging my inner strength are the driving forces behind my journey.’

Serving as an ambassador for the Lebanese Food Bank and the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon, Yasmina actively contributes to charitable causes. Recently featured in Forbes 30 Under 30, Yasmina continues to raise funds and advocate for international support for Lebanon at the United Nations.

Miss World Macau China Mengli Li Age: 25 Height: 175cm
Language: Mandarin and English Occupation: Professional Model

Mengli completed a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Chinese Language and Literature. She is working as a Professional Model and has aspirations to become a Philanthropist. She enjoys singing, dancing and playing the piano.

Having taught dance to children before becoming Miss Macau, Mengli’s proudest moment was when someone from her teaching group became the Champion of the Solo Dancing competition in her country.

Miss World Malaysia Wenanita Angang Age: 27 Height: 174cm
Occupation: Data Analyst Language: Bahasa Malaysia, English, Tatana and Murut

Wenanita is currently working as a Data Analyst after completing her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Analytics. She has also worked as a Conference Producer and would like to continue her studies with a Masters Degree in Public Policy. Her proudest moment was organising the ‘Artistic, Autistic Art Exhibition.’

Wenanita also received the ‘Platinum Award’ twice for completing a total of 358 hours volunteering by teaching Maths, English and Science to refugee children, raising funds for single mothers and organising a blood donation campaign. Her dream job is to be a Social Entrepreneur.

Miss World Mongolia Bolor Bat-Erdene Age: 23 Height: 173cm Occupation: dancer for the Mongolian Grand Theatre of National Art.
Language: Mongolian, English and German

Bolor is currently working as a dancer for the Mongolian Grand Theatre of National Art having finished her Degree in Choreography. Her proudest moment was seeing the show Energy that she had written being performed on stage to a sold out audience.

Bolor has ambitions to study Art Criticism and Management and to be able to contribute to the development of the Art of Dance in her country. She plays the piano and guitar and enjoys folk dancing and ballet. ‘I am a person that has been in love with art since I was a child and I have connected my life with art.’

Miss World Myanmar Yoon Theint Theint Nway

Miss World Nepal Priyanka Rani Joshi Age: 25 Height: 166cm Occupation: Working in family business, Real Estate Market and journalism student
Language: Nepali, English and Hindi

Priyanka studied Journalism and Mass Communication and has worked as a TV Presenter, Model and a Writer. She is currently supporting her family business and would like to become a humanitarian Ambassador for the United Nations. Priyanka enjoys many hobbies including, driving sports, skating, writing and film production.

‘A pacifist independent woman of the world, I carry within me the spirit and strength, the earnestness and endurance, the fire and the force, the zeal and the zest, the love and light that Nepal has to offer.’ Personal Motto: Bruce Lee’s ‘Be like water, my friend.’

Miss World Philippines Gwendolyne Fourniol Age: 23 Height: 173cm
Occupation: Student and ERDA Ambassador for Education Language: Filipino, English and French

Gwendolyne is currently studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and is an Ambassador for (ERDA) Educational Research and Development Assistance Foundation she is also a professional singer and model. She has ambitions to contribute and play a vital role in ensuring that there is free quality education for everyone in the Philippines.

‘I am a multi-cultural woman, passionate about music and performance arts with a deep desire to learn through empathic listening, how to create solutions that will address global inequities in education. Personal Motto: ‘To educate a child is to empower generations.’

Miss World Singapore Oh Wei Qi Age: 24 Height: 163cm
Occupation: Art Teacher, Business owner Language: English and Chinese

Having completed a Masters Degree in Design Management, Wei Qi owns her own Swimwear Brand and also works as an Art Teacher since 2018. With a background in Fashion Design and Media, she has ambitions to complete a Doctorate, build an Art Education Centre and expand her Fashion Brand.

Her passion is drawing, painting, fashion design and sewing. ‘As long as I made sure I do my best, there will be no regret.’ Wei Qi’s favorite book is ‘Ikigai’ ‘The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life.’ She also enjoys listening to Ghibli Studio Songs.

Miss World Sri Lanka Kavindi Nethmini Age: 27 Height: 170cm
Occupation: Research Writer, Business Analyst And Freelance Model. Language: Sinhalese and English

Kavindi is working as a Research Writer and Business Analyst after having completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance. She has ambitions to become a: ‘successful business woman and expand her current scholarship foundation to provide sustainable education to students in underprivileged communities.’

She enjoys gymnastics and aerobics performance and traditional Kandyan dancing and drumming. Kavindi also held the position of Leader of the School Senior Eastern Musical Band. Her favourite book is ‘The Power of your Subconscious Mind,’ by Joseph Murphy. She has also worked as a freelance model.

Miss World Thailand Tharina Botes Age: 26 Height: 180cm
Occupation: Student, Business Woman. Language: Thai, English, Afrikaans.

Tharina is currently studying a Bachelor of Science Degree in Commerce and Marketing and she also runs her own Clothing Brand that helps to empower women. Her dream job would be to have her own TV Show and be the next Oprah Winfrey.

Her favourite books are The Secret and The Alchemist. She enjoys traditional Thai dancing, playing tennis, painting, and freediving and can even hold her breathe for 2 minutes and 39 seconds underwater.

Miss World Vietnam Huynh Phuong Age: 24 Height: 170cm
Occupation: TV Host, fashion model, singe, business woman and social activist.
Language: Vietnamese and English

Huynh majored in English Studies at University, she is currently working as a TV Host, a fashion model, a singer, business woman and social activist. Her proudest moment was receiving her first wage after teaching English in her local community.

Huynh has also set up a non-profit fashion brand for young people she has also been actively involved in many charities and projects since being crowned Miss Vietnam. She enjoys swimming and playing the piano and the guitar. Her favourite film is Hachiko.