Meet 71st Miss World 2023 American Delegates

Meet 71st Miss World 2023 American Delegates

Get to know the delegates of the 71st Miss World 2023 which will be held on 9 March 2024 in Mumbia, India. This is the second time that the Miss World pageant has been held in India. Karolina Bielawska of Poland will crown her successor at the end of the event.

Miss World Argentina Mariela Fuchs Age: 21 Height: 172cm Language: Spanish and English
Occupation: Teacher Chili had studied Agricultural Science and Music and is currently working as a teacher in an Education Support Centre.

Chili belongs to an orchestra, plays the violin and double bass among other instruments. She enjoys sports and has a passion for dancing, volleyball, paddle tennis and gardening. Her favourite film is Titanic but she also likes to watch Cookery Programmes.

Personal Motto: ‘Always keep your gaze forward but don’t neglect those next to you and don’t forget to help the one behind you.’

Miss World Bolivia Fernanda Rivero Age: 24 Height: 169cm Occupation: model And in Pathological Waste Company
Language: Spanish, English and Bolivian Sign Language.

Fernanda has a Degree in International Trade and works as a model as well as in a Pathological Waste Company. She enjoys Bolivian folk dancing and running. During her year as Miss Bolivia, she has worked for a charity caring for people diagnosed with cancer.

‘I am very passionate, kind, persevering and an empathetic woman with big wishes and dreams to fulfil. I love dancing as well as being able to be that friend who you can trust in difficult times and you know will be there unconditionally.’

Miss World Brazil Leticia Frota Age: 20 Height: 175
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Digital Influencer and Student Language: Portuguese and English

As well as being an Entrepreneur and Digital Influencer, Leticia is studying Psychology and would like to specialize in Neuropsychology, specifically working with young children and teenagers. She is passionate about her work with the Riverside people of the Amazon and her work supporting the Global Appeal for Leprosy.

‘I am a dreamer and determined. From a very young age, I have always been certain of my purpose, which is to make a difference in the world. My goal is to help create change through my actions and positively influence others.’

Miss World Canada Jaime Vandenberg Age: 26 Height: 175cm
Occupation: International Model Language: English

After completing a Degree in Legal Reasoning, Jaime is now applying to study Law and is also working as an International Model based in Mexico City. She has ambitions to obtain her Juris Doctorate and become a Human Rights Lawyer. Her proudest moment was when she received the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Medal and the International Diana Award for her activism in gender based violence.

‘I believe that there is nothing more powerful than your voice and your ability to make a change.’ Jaime is also passionate about winter sports and playing the Ukulele.

Miss World Chile Ambar Zenteno Age: 27 Height: 180cm Occupation: Founder of ’Turquoise Heart Foundation’, Ambassador of Sunflower Hidden Disabilities and CERPOHCHI (First Chilean Conference for Rare and Infrequent Disease’s)
Language: Spanish, English

Ambar is an Industrial Civil Engineer specialising in Chemical Engineering and holds two Degrees, one in Science in Engineering and one in Natural Science and Maths. Ambar founded and is currently working at the ‘Turquoise Heart’ foundation which raises awareness about Hidden Disabilities such as Dysautonomia, which she also suffers from. She is an advanced Diver and enjoys playing the piano and freestyle dancing.

‘I’m a positive passionate woman committed to what I do and in a constant process of improvement, always searching for the best version of myself.’

Miss World Colombia Camila Pinzón Age: 27 Height: 175cm
Language: Spanish, English, French, Italian and German

Camila studied at both the Sorbonne and Cambridge Universities and completed three Degrees as well as learning five different languages. Camila is currently working as a Project Manager for an International Real Estate Company and has ambitions to be a University lecturer. One of her proudest moments was building a library in Kenya and supplying it with books.

‘I am responsible in my life, punctual, disciplined in my work, obedient to my superiors and my causes, with great aspirations and with immense love for all children and humanity. I am a very responsible person that works hard for achieving her goals.’

Miss World Costa Rica Krisly Salas Age: 25 Height: 160cm
Occupation: Student Language: Spanish, English, Sign Language. (LESCO)

Krisly is studying both Nutrition and Communication and has ambitions to open her own Health Centre, helping people with chronic diseases through practising a healthy lifestyle. She founded ‘Cuenta Conmigo’, which supports people struggling with mental health issues. Krisly also designs and creates her own jewellery.

‘I’m a dreamy, persistent and enterprising woman. I like to show people how much I love them, like to make them laugh and also understand someone’s pain that they may be going through, I am very empathic.’

Miss World Ecuador Annie Zambrano Age: 24 Height: 170cm
Occupation: teaching English as a Foreign Language. Language: Spanish, English and Italian

After completing a Degree in Educational Sciences, Annie is teaching English as a Foreign Language. She enjoys dancing, photography and playing basketball. Her proudest was when she graduated from University. Since being crowned Miss Ecuador, Annie has carried out various social projects focusing around the elderly. ‘I am a hard working person who wants to leave a mark in this world. It doesn’t matter where you come from as long as you have the desire to succeed in life.’

Miss World El Salvador Andrea Aguilar Age: 20 Height: 160cm
Occupation: Student majoring in Business Management Language: Spanish and English

Andrea is currently a student majoring in Business Management and has dreams of starting her own Real Estate Agency. She enjoys horseback riding, weight lifting, soccer and snorkeling. She also enjoys extreme sports such as car racing, sky diving and scuba diving. Andrea also enjoys playing the guitar and the ukulele and has a passion for drawing and painting.

‘I would describe myself as a very genuine friendly person. I love learning and getting to know new people.’

Miss World Honduras Yelsin Almendares Age: 25 Height: 172cm
Occupation: entrepreneur, Model Language: Spanish and basic English

Yelsin is both a coffee entrepreneur and a transport entrepreneur as well as working as a model after having completed a Bachelor of Science and Humanities. She would one day like to manage her own Coffee Brand. Yelsin’s favourite book is ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and she enjoys extreme sports such as motorcycling especially Endurance motorcycling and also horseback riding.

Miss World Mexico Alejandra Díaz De León Age: 24 Height: 178cm
Occupation: Runs the family restaurant. Language: Spanish, English and French

After studying for a Degree in Hispanic American Language and Literature, Alejandra now runs the family restaurant and is a successful Businesswoman. She is also the founder and director of ‘Once Upon a Time’ an organization that supports reading for young children with limited resources.

A strong advocate for literature and reading, Alejandra would like to continue her studies, complete a Doctorate in Literature, and become a published author. Alejandra is also passionate about storytelling and music.

Miss World Nicaragua Mariela Cerros Age: 24 Height: 180cm
Occupation: Lic Marketing Language: Spanish and English

Having completed a Degree in Marketing, Mariela is currently working as a Community Manager, as well as importing her own Sportswear and developing herself as a Brand Photographer. She has also worked as a Television Presenter, Model and for the family bookstore.

‘I am an independent, outgoing and noble person, known for my adventurous spirit, my passion for knowledge and my dynamic energy; I am an optimist and an enthusiastic person who enjoys outdoor activities and travelling.’ Personal Motto: Humility to learn and practice, courage to take action and confidence that you will succeed.

Miss World Panama Kathleen Coffre Age: 24 Height: 174cm
Occupation: Respiratory Therapist An a Model Language: Spanish and basic English

After completing her studies, Kathleen is working as a Respiratory Therapist as well as a model and has ambitions to create her own foundation that helps children with respiratory problems in remote areas of Panama. She has many pets and her family own a chocolate business. She enjoys hiking, dancing and has trained as a majorette and in baton twirling. ‘I’m courageous, hardworking and responsible and will never let down my family or friends.’

Miss World Paraguay Dahiana Gatzke Age: 21 Height: 180cm
Occupation: Haute Couture Model part time Language: Spanish – Guarania and English

Dahiana is a 4th year Law Student and works as an Haute Couture Model part time. She eventually wants to work in International Relations and Diplomacy with ambitions to become an Ambassador for her country or Minister for Foreign Affairs. Dahiana trained in Taekwondo for many years and enjoys learning Paraguayan Dancing.

‘I consider myself a persevering person who always tries to find the solution to everything and everyone.’ Personal Motto: No matter how bad the moment you are going through, the sun always rises for everyone and good things happen to good people.

Miss World Peru Lucia Arellano Age: 28 Height: 170cm
Occupation: Business Woman, Model and Entrepreneur Language: Spanish and English

After completing her Degree in International Business, Lucia is currently working as an Entrepreneur, Social Activist and as a Model. A keen sportswoman, she has also played Volleyball from a very young age.

‘I’m someone who sticks to my goals, and I’m genuine, disciplined, and always ready to do what feels right in my heart. If there’s something I really want, I’ll go for it without letting anything get in my way. I’ll work hard for it because I believe I can make it happen.’ Personal Motto: If you try, You win.

Miss World United States Victoria Disorbo Age: 25 Height: 175cm
Occupation: Vice-President of Operations and Marketing, Author And Ambassador for Angels for Humanity
Language: English and American Sign Language

Having studied Communications at University, Victoria has since become a Vice-President of Operations and Marketing and is an Ambassador for Angels for Humanity. She is also an author of two books and would like to one day appear in the New York Times Best Seller List.

She enjoys ballroom dancing, water sports, playing the piano and public speaking. Victoria has worked with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for over 15 years and has helped raise over $400,000. She has also recently lobbied government officials to improve the care and life of those living with Cystic Fibrosis.

Miss World Uruguay Tatiana Luna

Miss World Venezuela Ariagny Daboin Age: 26 Height: 177cm
Occupation: Psychologist and for the family business. Language: Spanish and Basic English

Ariagny has a Degree in Clinical Psychology and is currently working as a Psychologist as well as for the family business. She is passionate about her Beauty with a Purpose Project – ‘Bright Lives.’ ‘My program allows me to apply emotional education methodologies that benefit students from vulnerable communities.’

Ariagny also has ambitions to become a Global Advocate for Emotional Education. She has a passion for a variety of dancing such as: modern dance combined with gymnastics, ballet and Arabic as well as enjoying Ariel Hoop. Personal Motto: We came into this world to be apprentices and to leave something positive in others by sharing what we learn.