Meet 71st Miss World 2023 African Delegates

Meet 71st Miss World 2023 African Delegates

Get to know the delegates of the 71st Miss World 2023 which will be held on 9 March 2024 in Mumbia, India. This is the second time that the Miss World pageant has been held in India. Karolina Bielawska of Poland will crown her successor at the end of the event.

Here are the beautiful African deelgates of Miss World 2023

Miss World Angola Florinda Jose Age: 23 Height: 185cm Languages: Portuguese, Umbundu and English
Occupation: Primary School Teacher.

Florinda is a graduate of Educational Sciences and is currently working as a Primary School Teacher. She enjoys reading, dancing and playing the Traditional Percussion Drum from Angola. Her proudest moment was organising Christmas for children that have been left orphaned and are currently being sheltered in a Children’s Centre.

‘The most important thing in my life is being able to wake up every morning with the strength. To do better and better.’ Since being crowned Miss Angola, Florinda has also taken part in the distribution of water and soup to homeless people.

Miss World Bostwana Lesego Chombo Age: 24 Height: 175 Occupation: practising as an Attorney
Language: Setswana and English

After completing her Degree in Law, Lesego is currently practising as an Attorney at the High Courts of Botswana and has ambitions of opening up her own Law firm. She enjoys playing the guitar, singing, and counts baseball and swimming among her sporting interests.

On her Birthday she hosted a day out for 70 underprivileged children offering them health checks and a chance to try musical instruments. ‘I am a cheerful lover of life. I lead with kindness and I believe in my worth and capability to achieve whatever I set my mind on no matter what circumstances, my proudest moment was launching my Beauty with a Purpose project.’

Miss World Cameroon Julia Edima Age: 27 Height: 171cm Occupation: Managing Director of a Travel Agency and as an Actress
Language: French, English Spanish and German.

Julia has a Master’s Degree in Communication and is currently working as a Managing Director of a Travel Agency and as an Actress. She also created a Foundation, which supports surgical intervention for children with cancer. Julia also has ambitions to open a centre helping those with mental health issues.

‘My strength is my resilience, I have survived through my trauma and that has forged me, I can now adapt myself to just about everything now, I am also a very sociable person and have a great sense of humour.’ One of Julia’s hobbies is Acrobatics with Fire.

Miss World Cote D’Ivoir Mylene Djihony

Miss World Ethiopia Rgat Afewerki Ybrah Age: 23 Height: 173cm
Occupation: Marketing Manager and as a model Language: Tigrigna, Amharic and English

Having completed her Degree in Marketing, Rgat is currently working as a Marketing Manager and as a model and has ambitions to own her own branding line. ‘I’m a hard working and driven individual who isn’t afraid to face a challenge. Living a life of no regrets, listening and learning from others and doing the right thing are all important to me.’ She enjoys reading and African dancing.

Miss World Ghana Miriam Xorlasi Age: 24 Height: 170cm
Occupation: Ewe Language teacher Language: English, Ewe, Twi

Currently a Ewe Language teacher Miriam has ambitions of running her own restaurant as well as building a special school for children with disabilities.

‘My proudest moment was seeing my mother’s face when I graduated from teacher training college. I am a volunteer with Savana Signatures, an NGO that works empowering youth and training girls who have dropped out from school.’ Miriam enjoys traditional Ghanian dancing and cooking.

Miss World Kenya Chantou Kwamboka Age: 25 Height: 172cm
Occupation: professional violinist and a catwalk coach Language: English and Swahili

Chantou is currently studying for a Degree in Medical Biotechnology. She is also a professional violinist and a catwalk coach and has ambitions to undertake a Master’s in Astro Physics. Chantou enjoys skateboarding and teaches children how to do it.

She is also the founder of ‘Project Eden’ which supports a more greener and sustainable environment. Her unique talent is Hula Hooping. ‘The most important thing for me is to lead an impactful life. A life full of meaning and content so with that I always learn to be a better version of myself every day in order to serve others best.’

Miss World Lesotho Poelano Mothisi Age: 24 Height: 155cm
Occupation: Transcriptionist Language: Sesotho, English and French

Poelano is currently working as a Transcriptionist. One day she would like to have her own Couture Evening Wear Fashion Line. Since her coronation, Poelano has worked on Online Mental Health and Body Images Campaigns and hosted body positivity workshops in Schools. Some of her hobbies include; swimming, basketball, hiking, skating.

‘I’m adventurous, loving and selfless but amongst others, I’m headstrong. I live by not conforming to anything that feels unjust to humanity and make it my mission to be the change I want to see in the world.’ Personal Motto: ‘No matter what just go for it.’

Miss World Liberia Veralyn Vonleh Age: 21 Height: 165cm
Occupation: Student Language: English and French

Varalyn completed her Degree in Business and Administration and has continued with her studies. She has ambitions to one day by CEO of her own company. Since being crowned Miss Liberia, Veralyn created her own foundation called, ‘Smile Care Foundation,’ which focuses on helping women that lack sanitary items. Veralyn enjoys dancing and athletics . ‘I am honoured to serve my country on the world stage!’

Miss World Madagascar Antsaly Rajoelina Age: 24 Height: 174cm
Occupation: Student and volunteer Language: Malagasy, French and English

Antsaly has finished a Degree in Business Administration and would like to work in International Affairs. Her proudest moment was coming second in the 100m Madagascan Athletics Championships. Her dream job would be to become a UNICEF Ambassador and create a centre for abused children.

‘I see myself as a caring, humble and empathetic person. My grandfather used to call me his light so I try and share this light with everyone.’

Miss World Martinique Axelle Rene

Miss World Mauritius Liza Gundowry Age: 26 Height: 173cm
Occupation: Student Language: Mauritian Creole, English, French and Spanish

Liza studied Modern Languages and International Relations for her first Degree and completed a Masters in African Studies from Oxford University where she is currently working as a Senior Education Consultant and Studies Facilitator. Her ideal job would be as a Diplomat or a Conflict Resolution Specialist.

‘My academic journey in International Relations fuels my fervent passion for advocating for social causes and promoting global co-operation.’ Liza also has a passion for music and drama.

Miss World Morocco Sonia Ait Mansour Age : 27 Height : 173 cm
Occupation: Biochemistry Engineer Language: Local Arabic, French, English and German

Sonia is currently working as a Biochemistry Engineer in a Pharmaceutical and Medical Company as well as a Model. She would one day like to be a Director of a research lab focusing on Mental Health; she would also like to develop a Life Coaching service for women.

Sonia has a talent for oriental dancing, travelling, and hiking and has a brown belt in judo. ‘I am very resilient, determined, compassionate and an empathetic woman who dreams big, works hard in achieving those dreams and determined to motivate many people regardless of their differences.’

Miss World Namibia Leoné Renate van Jaarsveld Age: 27 Height: 167cm Occupation: Human resource managing assistant, Business owner at LR Beauty and founder of Non profit charity organisation.
Language: English, Afrikaans and German

Leone has qualified in Human Resources Management and has ambitions to be an Ambassador for Namibia as well as running her own business. Her proudest moment was registering her non-profit organisation L.R. Youth which supports young people. She enjoys undertaking fitness endurance as well as playing the African drums and the guitar.

‘My true purpose lies within the depths of my soul, an unyielding passion to uplift and serve my community. Community is much more than belonging to something: it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter.’ Personal Motto: Anything is possible through hard work and dedication towards your goal.

Miss World Nigeria Ada Eme Age: 25 Height: 182cm
Occupation: Events Organiser Language: Igbo and English

Currently working as an Events Organiser as well as studying for a Degree in Peace and Conflict, Ada would one day like to work for the United Nations. She has set up a scholarship called ‘Ada Goes to School’ which has provided 100 scholarships for children.

‘I would describe myself as an optimist who would always see the good in every situation, yet also a problem solver with a Fix It attitude.’ Personal Motto: ‘Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footsteps on the moon.’

Miss World Senegal Fatou Lo Age: 22 Height: 188cm
Occupation: Student Language: Wolof French and English

Fatou is studying for a Degree in Quality, Hygiene, Security and the Environment and would ideally like to work for an NGO as a Humanitarian worker. The proudest moment of her life was when she had decided to live her life how she wanted it.

‘It’s difficult to talk about yourself but I think I’m a simple woman, curious about life and open-minded. I am a very good listener and love the World of Fashion.’ Personal Motto: ‘Man is man’s remedy.’

Miss World Sierra Leone Daizy Abdulai Age: 21 Height: 162cm
Occupation: Student Language: English, Krio and Mende

Daizy is currently studying Chemistry at University and has aspirations to produce her own brand of fragrance. As well as having a passion for Perfumery, Daizy enjoys singing, dancing, writing and playing the trumpet and the African drums.

‘I am a positive extrovert who believes that no dream is too small, too big, invalid or unachievable.I am a fearless woman who believes in fair justice, tolerance, creativity and integrity.’ Personal Motto: ‘No dream is invalid.’

Miss World Somalia Bahja Mohamoud Age: 23 Height: 171cm
Occupation: Student and a Health Practitioner. Language: Somali, English, Arabic and Swahili

Bahja is currently a Medical Student and a Health Practitioner. She has ambitions to be a family doctor that specializes in Paediatrics and Women’s Health. Her hobbies include water sports, playing the piano and violin and volunteering for animal shelters.

Her proudest moment is becoming the first of her ten siblings to go to University. ‘I am a medical student with an incredible amount of faith, a vision, a healthy dose of courage and confidence with a love for charity and humanity and a drive to succeed.’ Personal Motto: ‘You go faster alone, but you go further together.’

Miss World South Africa Claude Mashego

Miss World South Sudan Arek Akot Age: 21 Height: 176cm
Language: English, Arabic, Dinka Occupation: Student

Arek is currently studying for a Degree in International Relations and her dream role would be to represent her country as an Ambassador. She plays the African Drums and has a passion for netball and writing.

‘I have a great sense of humour, I am kind hearted, hardworking and goal driven.’ Arek’s personal motto is: ‘It’s never too late to achieve your dreams.’ Her favourite film is Titanic and her favourite book is Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Miss World Tanzania Halima Kopwe Age: 24 Height: 167cm
Occupation: Blood Safety Ambassador Language: Kiswahili and English

Halima is currently working as a Blood Safety Ambassador. She is very passionate about her role and her Beauty with a Purpose project ‘My Blood Generation’ and strongly campaigns for more blood donors. Her proudest moment is when she donated wheelchairs, blood donation chairs, supplements and other medical equipment to her local hospital.

‘I am a very patient person who believes in the perfect timing so I always take my time to learn as much as possible until I decide to do anything.’ Personal Motto: ‘where there’s a will, there is always a way.’

Miss World Togo Chimène Moladja Age: 24 Height: 180cm
Occupation: Student Language: English and French

Chimène completed her first Degree in Bachelor of Arts and is now studying for a Master’s Degree in International Trade, Transit and Consignments and has ambitions to become an International Business Woman or a Film Actress. She enjoys sports, climbing and traditional dancing.

‘I am a wise, intelligent, ambitious woman who is polite, sociable and passionate about working. I have the ability to adapt to all situations.’ Personal Motto: Passion, Ambition, Audacity and Perfection.

Miss World Tunisia Imen Mehrzi Age: 28 Height: 170cm
Occupation: Professional Singer Language: Arabic, English and French

Imen had originally studied Network and Telecommunication Engineering, and is currently working as a Professional Singer. Imen’s proudest moment was completing a humanitarian project where she helped to establish a safe and nurturing space within a primary school.

Her favourite book is Animal Farm by George Orwell and her favourite film is Slumdog Millionaire. She also enjoys playing the guitar and cooking. ‘I am driven to inspire positive change through creativity, innovation and a commitment to making a difference.’

Miss World Uganda Hannah Tumukunde Age: 20 Height: 175cm Occupation: Student
Language: Swahili, English, Luganda and Runyakitara

Hannah is currently a student and has ambitions to be either a Lawyer, a TV Anchor or a Travel Journalist. She is an advocate for Quality Education for Children and enjoys playing basketball and tennis. ‘I would describe myself as a very positive person who is hungry to learn and open to correction whenever I am wrong. The most important thing in my life is my family and the support I get from them encourages me to strive harder even when things seem tough.’ Personal Motto: Believing in god’s timing.

Miss World Zambia Natasha-Joan Mapulanga

Miss World Zimbabwe Nokutenda Marumbwa Age: 20 Height: 171cm
Occupation: Make-Up Artist and Nail Technician. Language: Shona and English

Nokutenda is studying for a Degree in Social Work and also works as a Make-Up Artist and Nail Technician. She would like to ‘work for Governments, NGOs and the United Nations and address critical issues such as food security, nutrition and poverty eradication through supporting charitable causes.

I aim to create global impact, be a formidable force for positive change and serve as an inspiration and catalyst for empowerment and goodness for future generations of women.’ Nokutenda’s hobbies include, dancing, singing and keeping fit.