Mister Pilipinas Worldwide 2023: Celebrating the Reign of Extraordinary Men

The Journey to Becoming Mister Pilipinas Worldwide 2023

Step into the world of extraordinary men at the grand coronation of Mister Pilipinas Worldwide 2023! Witness the remarkable event held at Okada Manila, Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines on May 6, 2023.

This prestigious national pageant showcased exceptional talents and crowned the winners who embody style, charm, and global appeal. Johannes Rissler, the Mister Pilipinas Supranational 2023, hails from Davao Del Norte. Jefferson Bunney, the Mister Pilipinas International Ambassador 2023, represents the UK Filipino community. John Tanting, from Cebu City, shines as Mister Pilipinas Global 2023. Ken Stromsnes, the Mister Pilipinas Manhunt Supermodel, mesmerizes from Mandaluyong City. Lastly, Van Aikon Ignacio, from San Jose City, captivates as Mister Pilipinas Cosmopolitan 2023.
Parañaque, Philippines – Mister Pilipinas Worldwide 2023 grand coronation was held in Okada Manila, Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines on May 6, 2023. This national pageant will select the winners of Mister Pilipinas Supranational 2023 went to Johannes Rissler of Davao Del Norte, Mister Pilipinas International Ambassador 2023 Jefferson Bunney of the UK Filipino community, Mister Pilipinas Global 2023 was awarded to John Tanting from Cebu City, Mister Pilipinas Manhunt Supermodel was crowned to Ken Stromsnes of Mandaluyong City, and Mister Pilipinas Cosmopolitan 2023 is Van Aikon Ignacio of San Jose City. These five handsome men will represent the Philippines at International Pageants. Mister Pilipinas Supranational 2023 Johannes Rissler will compete at the upcoming Mister Supranational 2023 on 15 July 2023 in Poland, Mister Pilipinas International Ambassador 2023 in Thailand on September 2023, John Tanting will compete at Mister Global 2023 in Maha Sarakham, Thailand on November 26, 2023 . Jefferson Bunney Starting with  Partners for the launch of Jojo Bragais and Oxin Films.

Overall Nineteen handsome, fit, and empowered Filipino men will vie for the top three titles in the maiden staging of Mister Pilipinas Worldwide (MPW), the newest and only male pageant under the portfolio of Empire Philippines, the company which owns the franchise for the prestigious Miss Universe Philippines. MPW will hold its grand coronation night on May 6 where it will hand over the titles to the rightful winners – Mister Pilipinas Supranational, Mister Pilipinas Global, and Mister Pilipinas Manhunt Supermodel. Partners for the launch are Jojo Bragais and Oxin Films. Empire executives said MPW  “is a consolidation of three pageants” namely:  Mr. Supranational Philippines, Mr. Global Philippines, Mr. International Philippines, and Mr. Manhunt Philippines. What this means is that there will no longer be a separate staging of the said three male pageants this year as they have been put under one umbrella of MPW.

Athlete Joshua De Sequera, who was first runner-up in the Manhunt International Male Supermodel search in 2022, is MPW’s national director. “Even with the short time span that we had in terms of scouting and looking for talents that will represent Mister Pilipinas Worldwide, I am proud to show everyone that our candidates are ready to go.” He said that he told the boys the importance of commitment. “While most of them go to school or have jobs, sacrifices will have to be made if they will have to do something required by the organization. I reminded them that you went here to make a name for yourself, so make the best out of the opportunity given to you. Most of all, don’t forget to have fun!” In a separate presentation during the MPW press conference held at Ascott Hotel BGC last April 21, Empire PH accredited partners director Joseph Rivera announced that they are also targeting to launch one other project this year. The Miss Philippines fashion and beauty pageant.

Top 8 Questions and Anwers Round:

Question:  You are a physical therapy student. What is the most interesting fact about your course? and why did you select this course?
John Tanting – Cebu City replied: I think the most interesting fact about my physical therapy course is how difficult it is, despite how people think it is very easy. I think you need a lot of determination, and hard work to tackle the course. I choose this course because my Physical Therapist would always take care of me and my health, I got inspired to do the same, to help others in the athletic industry.
You were raised by a single mother, keeping in mind that Mother’s Day is right around the corner. What is your Mother’s Day message?

Lorenzo Isip – Cebu Province replied: 

Thank you mum for all the sacrifices she did to raise us five children. It is very hard and difficult for me to see my mum suffer because when my father left her for another woman. I am very proud of my mum to raise five incredible and respectful individuals. Being on this stage, this was her wish for me to able to walk on the runway and be seen on TV. I am doing this pageant for the love of my mother. As a man who loves his mother, I think that is the mark of a truly exceptional man.

What inspires you to write and sing your music?

Johannes Rissler – Davao Del Norte replied:
 The inspiration behind writing my music is my own experience in life, mentally, physically, and emotionally. As men, we have this struggle in our life to keep emotions within ourselves and through music. I want to help other people by listening to my music. To stay relaxed and enjoy life as it is. As long as you know your purpose in life then you are good.

As a fashion model, what is your favorite asset that makes you stand out from the crowd?

Ken Stromsnes – Mandaluyong City replied: 

My biggest asset would be my hair since you can see these seven beautiful men and I was thinking to cut my hair for this contest as I look more like a barista than a pageant contestant. Joining this pageant made me more open and help me with my runway walk.
You have been involved in sports and a lot of community development programs. What activities have you done for both of these things?

Van Aikon Ignacio – San Jose City replied: 

When I was in high school, I was in my basket society, and through this, I learned about sharing knowledge and about being a good team player. I think sports help to develop many young men in the community.

What is your business about and why do you fancy cars so much?
Jefferson Bunney – UK Filipino community replied: One of the most things I find so beautiful about cars is they possess a personality, there are some cars that create beautiful noises. There are some cars with beautiful curves and they have characteristics that optimize the same beauty we have as humans. For me, that is one of the main reasons I cannot get enough of cars. It is deep inside the soul when you switch on the car and it gives you a thrill that pushes you out of your comfort zone and it makes life worth living.
How do you keep yourself looking good feeling great and being healthy?
Tyler Gaumer – USA Filipino community replied: I am a fitness enthusiast and I started when I was eight years old because I used to be fat as a kid and I was bullied and made fun of by other people. It did not stop me from going to be an inspiration not only to the people who come from nothing and want to become someone in life as I come from Cleveland, Ohio. In Cleveland, Ohio we do not have a voice as everyone just stays there, saying you are stuck in Ohio. I want to be that aspiration, I want to be that inspiration to multiple people not only to people in the USA but also here in the Philippines and worldwide. You can be something through hard work and god willing.

Final Results:

Mister Pilipinas Supranational 2023: 
Johannes Rissler – Davao Del Norte 

Mister Pilipinas International Ambassador 2023: 
Jefferson Bunney – UK Filipino community 

Mister Pilipinas Manhunt Supermodel 2023: 
Ken Stromsnes – Mandaluyong City

Mister Pilipinas Global 2023: 
John Tanting – Cebu City 

Mister Pilipinas Cosmopolitan 2023: 
Van Aikon Ignacio – San Jose City 

1st Runner-Up: 
Lorenzo Isip – Cebu Province 

1st Runner-Up: 
Rei Aldrich Gregorio – Bulacan

3rd Runner-Up: 
Tyler Gaumer – USA Filipino community 

Special Awards Winners
Mister Obstacle Challenge: Oliver Dalman – Dipolog
Mister Runway Model of the night: Johannes Rissler – Davao Del Norte

Mister Photogenic: 
Ken Stromsnes – Mandaluyong City

Fan Favorite: 
Johannes Rissler – Davao Del Norte

Mister Pilipinas Worldwide candidates for 2023 are:

Joseph Pesay Valler – Bohol

Rei Aldrich Gregorio – Bulacan

Gilmer Galaros – Cavite

Kenneth Estopace – Camarines Sur

John Tanting – Cebu City

Lorenzo Isip – Cebu Province

Oliver Dalman – Dipolog

Johannes Rissler – Davao Del Norte

Karl Maristela – Ilocos Sur

Gion Layug – Laguna

Joshua Dinio – Naga City

John Dave “Adam” Apostol – Nueva Ecija

Ken Stromsnes – Mandaluyong City

Adrian Paulo Araneta – Pampanga

Drigo Francia – Rizal

Van Aikon Ignacio – San Jose City

Christian Annipot – Sorsogon

Jefferson Bunney – UK Filipino community

Tyler Gaumer – USA Filipino community

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