The Glamorous World of Mister and Miss National Nepal 2023

The Glamorous World of Mister and Miss National Nepal 2023

The 2nd edition of Mister and Miss National Nepal 2023 will be held on 15 May at Hotel Radisson, Kathmandu, Nepal. The reigning Mister Supranational Nepal 2023 Sanish Shrestha and Miss Supranational Nepal 2022 Keshu Khadka will crown their successor at the end of the event. This year Mister and Miss National Nepal 2023 will crown two winners for both genders, Mister Supranational Nepal 2023 and Mister International Nepal 2023 meanwhile female winners will be crowned as Miss Supranational Nepal 2023 and Miss Globe Nepal 2023. Two winners will represent Nepal in the upcoming Miss Supranational 2023 and Mister Supranational 2023 beauty pageants. This is one of the most progressive beauty pageants in Nepal due to its acceptance of people of different backgrounds including transwomen who have been given the golden opportunity to showcase their talent and uniqueness to the table. The National Director for Mister and Miss National Nepal 2023 is Dr. Santosh Upadhyay who placed 3rd Runner-Up and Mister Influencer special award at the Mister Supranational 2021 pageant held in Strzelecki Park Amphitheater, Małopolska, Poland.

(From left: Sarosy Neupane, Sushmita Adhikari, Sampada Ghimire, and Roshni Chand)

(From left: Sama Parajuli, Pratima Chaulagain, Samikshya Raut, and Saguna Khatri)

(From left: Sumnima Khapung Limbu, Rojina Timsina, Prajwol Tamrakar, and Rajan Shah)

List of Miss Supranational Nepal 2023 Delegates

1 Sarosy Neupane

2 Sushmita Adhikari

3 Sampada Ghimire

4 Roshni Chand

5 Sama Parajuli

6 Pratima Chaulagain

7 Samikshya Raut

8 Saguna Khatri

9 Sumnima Khapung Limbu

10 Rojina Timsina

(From left: Shrijan Maharjan, Harry Karki, Cyrus Biswokarma, and Shishir Wagle)

(From left: Dipraj Tamang, Ankit Katila, Harka Tamang,  Milan Bhattarai, and Sabin Shrestha)

List of Mister Supranational Nepal 2023 Delegates

1 Prajwol Tamrakar

2 Rajan Shah

3 Shrijan Maharjan

4 Harry Karki

5 Cyrus Biswokarma

6 Shishir Wagle

7 Dipraj Tamang

8 Ankit Katila

9 Harka Tamang

10 Milan Bhattarai

11 Sabin Shrestha

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